Cycles of Life

It has come to a time in my life that my parents have come to a cycle in their lives that they have created with alot of lows in their emotions.

I sit before you higher SELF to ask why they have chosen or did life choose them to be in their lack of lust for life. They sit in worries and bodily pains and neither will listen to lifting out of this state. They are dead before dying!! Please help me to understand how to view their state with a better understanding and compassion for helping them to live each day with a smile with a laugh*****

Higher Self: Awe my Angel, human life can have cycles of highs and lows and
as you progress in your phases you have been brain washed into believing that as you age you take on ill health. Do you choose how you want your life span to be you ask?
YES, you first must connect internally with God on a daily basis and be grateful for each and every aspect of your life and even the life of a bird an insect so on and so on.

Some humans have such a strong imprint of their parents suffering that they unconsciously have taken on their imprint and made it theirs. It is planted deep into their cellular structure.

Me: How do I help them to remove this imprint?

Higher Self: You cannot help them to remove this imprint, they must seek it on their own. What I can lovingly suggest you can do for them, you and your future generations is to observe the patterns that you see before you…from your grandparents to your parents and wake up to realizing how the “imprints” are so strong and the key ingredient for helping your futures is to “choose” to be the observer of their actions, their words but DO NOT become emotionally attached to their phases or cycles. When you allow yourself to become emotionally attached you are opening up every memory cell to its vulnerable state.

Me: What do you mean I am opening up my cells to a vulnerable state? I never heard of this..

Higher Self: Your cells are alive with life and they can hear and feel all sorts of emotions and they keep them stored within their fibers to help you in times of need*** a memory recall of sorts***

Me: But, if I only become an observer does this make me emotionless to their feelings of hurt of pain, etc.? I do not want to be cold.

Higher Self:
To be an observer is to be the witness of energy***you all are made up of pure energy. When you turn on a light does the light greet you with happiness or sadness with any kind of emotion ? No, it is just there giving you light energy. We suggest that you do the same***you give your parents or anyone for that matter, your LOVE energy. It is not being cold if you greet someone who is experiencing any disharmony with LOVE without giving them a solution on how to help them lift out of their imprint. Love energy does it all for them? LOVE energy can take a negative energy source and convert it to a positive energy source.

Me: Just how do I be just LOVE if my father is in pain or my mother cries out of fear or frustration of not being able to take her environment anymore and she continues to say she is “tired”! Shouldn’t I at least come up with some sort of plan of relief for either one of them?

Higher Self: Yes! You put LOVE in your eyes and Love in your touch and you lovingly listen to them and stroke their body with the love that will flow out your fingertips and into their being. This action will help them to overcome any situation****remember dear one—–they chose this life and all one can do is help them through it. You cannot control their destiny BUT you can control how you will LOVE them thru it : )

Me: Thank you so much for helping me mentally align with this! I am always so filled with gratefulness and LOVE for your energy jumping in to HELP me : )

Higher Self:
Dearest of Love, we are always a thot away! We as well find great joy in helping you lift your consciousness. When you lift—you help so many others lift. Thank you Teenka : )

Change Your Static IP Address

It has been almost two years since I have had deep contemplation of any sorts…or even the need to go tap in with my I AM to receive any higher wisdom….BUT…….today it has come upon me to receive once again clarity on a situation.

So off I went to walk and talk with I AM….: )

Me:  Hello there I AM… has been a  long time of not giving you any guidance questions ..BUT today I hear the calling to speak to you…My situation is this….I always seem to get irritated with someone in my life….when they come into my space….I sense their uneasiness and I sense that they will not find anything joyful to say or do to keep me at a state that I practice daily to maintain.  They have their problems with life written on their sleeves for me to feel…I am not greeted with a smile or a hug….just a tired look of distress or a feeling of ……I don’t have time for you…deep sigh…….

I AM:  I giggle dear one at your irritation…Have you changed your Static IP address lately?

Me:  I’m happy I could bring you a little laughter!  I like this….What does changing my static IP Address have to do with anything?  Isn’t that for computer related type stuff?

I AM:  In a sense yes, but you humans operate just like a computer.  You take in programs through your eyes and ears and then you vocalize them.  This is Your “Individual PrintIP..and how you address your life at times seems to have some static in it…The static is there because your individual print still operates at an old program.  Sure you have changed your thots and try to create new energies to flow in a more positive manner in your life, BUT you have not changed the core of your I.P .to be one of LOVE….you have this little chip that remains on your hard drive that comes from FEAR.

Me:  Can you explain that a little more to me please…because I thot I did come from a space of LOVE…

I AM:  Dear one …if you did come from an internal place of LOVE then you would not find irritations in anyone…when you begin to recognize your human frailties, then you can annul an destroy them by expressing love, rather than the frailty.  Sometimes this is hard to do because you have such narrow habits of LOVE.  You must truly know that everyone that comes into your existence is your mirror of what you are projecting at a deeper level using the Individual Print/chip of FEAR…So, change your IP to address all situations with a LOVE mind…Conquer the thots that want to tell you that this is wrong ….that this may cause that person or child to behave or learn in an awful way …I have told you dear one numerous times….what you FEAR the most will always come to fruition….BUT if you operate with what you LOVE to see or happen the most…then THIS will become your new Grounded IP Address..

Me:  ok I understand the analogy…I really do….then why do I convert at times backwards to the chip of FEAR?

I AM: are not acting as a soul made up of Love Energy Only…Start by loving yourself a little more..Do not condemn yourself.  Do not judge this outward evidence as the state of inner growth.  You are all here to help your Souls break free from a backstage rookie and NOW your souls are wanting to be on the stage as the main character…so to speak..  Take each new day with me as your partner…just ask me to be your guidance before you begin the day…if you see yourself being pulled to go with old programs….take a deep breathe……..and ask me to help you see or come from an angle of LOVE THOTS..

Me:  Gosh I AM…I love you so much!!!!!!  Thank you again for helping me to have clarity on this situation..

I AM:  I thank you and love you so much ….Even tho it has been a while since you sat down to write…we talk daily you and I…….when you practice your morning rituals…I am there with YOU>>>ALWAYS and in ALL Ways….



Are you SPOILING your child?

Well, you know me, when I am asked a question, ” am I spoiling my child” I go within and inquire from the higher I AM presence to get their version of this question.  Raising a child, we are often questioning ourselves if we give this or that to them at an every day pace if in fact this a sign of spoiling my child.  I, as a mother myself can recall the earlier years of raising my daughter and I was also a single parent for 7 years of her life, that I worked hard and made sure that my daughter never would want for nothing…that she would get whatever toy she desired…It made me feel good and it made her feel good to receive the toy.  I AM is this a form of spoiling?

I AM:  First of all dearness, what is this word “SPOIL”?  We have heard your species use this term, “spoiled rotten”.  Is your child really ready to die off ?  We mean the word “rotten” depicts, reaching its full potential of ripeness and then GONE!!!  Is your child really made up of “oil” a, lubricant ?

Me:  Well no, my child is not a lubricant and she is not rotten..but the phrase I think is meant that if you give a child all that they want, then they get so much that they never learn how to get if for themselves when they get older.

I AM:  I must laugh at your language!!! No one ever gets or are given all that they desire in life >>>>no one!!!  If they did, then there would be no reason to be on your planet.  Your planet is a place of contrast, the yes/no, the right/wrong, etc. Your children will learn the ins and outs of life as they progress down the road.  Their best examples of course are YOU, the parent(s).  If you are one to expect things to be handed to you ….then your child will more than likely follow this path or he/she may “choose” to find out how creative they are and go out and create their endeavors to obtain whatever it is they desire.

Have you ever wondered if by eating a meal(s) every day that you may be considered, SPOILED ?   Are you not getting something (food) daily ?

Me:  Yes, but I AM this is different…as this is helping our physical bodies to stay alive.

I AM:  Do you NOT think that the feeling of JOY that you or your child receives in the gift you give them is helping their physical bodies to stay alive?  JOY to the heart is so nutritional, that you all should find more ways to bring JOY to each others hearts in whatever ways you can…

Each child shall grow up and be-come their own imprint/identity..some will awaken to grasping the reality that is on your planet .  They will learn the way to do things and not do things…then there will be others that will become lost and not know how to create their life…but, each of you learn the game of life and “choose” how to move forward.  We say to always follow your own hearts when it comes to raising your children….and do not adhere to anyone elses “story” of how to do this..

Me:  Thank you so much for giving me/us another way to perceive this term “spoiled rotten”..  I totally overstand your view and it has helped me to see how our language if taken and dissected can give us a better viewpoint of how it can become twisted in our thots….only because we were taught its meaning by others to mean something other than what the word(s) actually are defined as…mind blowing to say the least!!!!

Stories Keep Us in Suffering



I really and truly would like to understand if I even need to create a story in order to be happy and peaceful.  I mean what or who are we as a species…why does everyone have to suffer at times in their life?  Suffering for me comes at times in small ways and then there are times that it comes in a huge wave of emotion!  My dear I AM can you help to understand what my innerheart is trying to convey here?

I AM:  Awe, your title says it all my dear one!  Once you begin to get a feeling for the many ways your thots and stories keep you in suffering, you’ve actually started to tap into something that has a much greater significance.

Me:  In what way?

I AM:  You can use your thots and stories to widen your view of life.  Any way that you make a construct out of life , any way that you come to conclusions in your mind about “what is” or “what was” or “what will be”, you are narrowing your experience of life.  These are all ways of which you argue with life..

Me:  Lost me there I AM!! Why do you calls this arguing with life?  Are we not suppose to understand who we are in this game of life by questioning the what is, what was or what will be?

I AM:  Any time you argue with what was, what is or what will be, you limit your ability to experience the vastness of who you are.  There’s no way around it.  It doesn’t matter what happened, or how cruel someone was, or how unfair something was.  It may have been all of those things and the pain may be very deep and real, but when you have a mental resistance, when you say something should or should have not happened, you are arguing with life.  You lose every single time…..and suffering wins!

Me:  Then how do we conduct ourselves in a way that can always keep us centered in calmness and still be able to speak our truth?

I AM:  Do you really have a truth  to speak dear one?  I hear so many on your planet say this is “my truth” all you really have our stories that your mind has decided to be the “truth”.  Why is it you cannot just be open minded about all and just accept all “as is” ? 

Me:  I am open minded…I am not following you…

I AM:  When your minds start to open, you are no longer in a constant state of evaluation and judgment.  Naturally, then your senses open and you can really see what is before you.  Your eyes open in different ways , your hearing opens in a different way, your emotions open , your hearts open to all of existence.  Open-mindedness allows you to embrace the nature of your experience.  This does not mean you have to like every experience that you have.  There are experiences (stories) that are painful; there are experiences that are unpleasant.  Open-Mindedness doesn’t mean that you’re opening to just the good parts of life; it means you’re opening to everything.  This my dear one is when you discover a type of inner still-ness, an inner stability, that vast unchanging expanse that is at the heart of everything.  You see dear ones, your “stories” are what you base your life on.  We suggest, to every story that you find to be of disharmony to you and cause you some sort of suffering, that you change your perspective on how the story is being told. 

Me:  So what I am hearing is that Life is just a story and if the story is not harmonious then change the story? 

I Am:  No, don’t change the story…allow the story to be…but, don’t allow the story to define YOU>>>>> All your stories really are preprogrammed from birth..what you saw and felt from your environment..parents,, teachers …other children,…society…We say, ”  learn to be in the stillness of all and truly listen and feel “who you are!” 🙂




Our Physical Shell ( the body )

Hi to all!!! as it has been a while since I posted a personal discourse to my site.  I have been busy with “life” as of late and today I was instructed to write to myself and to all that read this.  Recently, I experienced a departure of a dear friend of mine…crossed over to the other side.  As I pondered the how comes and why her and why NOW ??? in came the wonderful I AM voice to explain to me and my confusion of her leaving now.

I AM:  why do you even question her departure dear one ?  You all have predestined your departure and as hard as it is for you to comprehend this, you will one day make sense of it all.  Each soul travels with their mission/lessons that they came to your earth to experience and you each will either complete them fully while in your physical-ness or cross over to continue your mission from that dimension.  She did not leave without knowing that what she left behind in the physical world, her loved ones of family and friends would not be cared for from their souls awareness and the love to carry on for her sake.

Me:  I just don’t understand why she would leave with having a daughter so young, who would find it difficult to move forward without her…how can I make sense of that?

I AM:  It is not for you to make sense of dear one…it is for her daughter and her mother to work on together.  Even tho the mother is not here in her physical form, she can still work with her daughters soul thru her dreams, thru people who can help her make sense of it all..her mother will guide the right people to come into her daughters life and help her along the path of existence..  You all have been taught to only believe in the physical form as a way to communicate ALIVENESS, when in fact there is even more to communication without seeing with your eyes..  One day your telepathy will expose itself to you..

Me:  What is telepathy mean?

I AM:  It is a way to use your inner ear (hearts feeling center) to talk and listen to spirits.  Like you do with me dear one.

Me:  I know that I do practice sharpening this wonderful tool/gift, but I wanted you to give the reader a better understanding of it.  Like how do you use your telepathy ?

I AM:  Take a moment to sit quiet, take some deep breathes and then allow yourself to visualize or if you cannot visualize then intend that you will be talking with whomever you wish to communicate with.  The one error I find with most of you is that you THINK when you hear your voice talking back at you that this is YOU or your EGO talking and it just does not make sense and you dismiss being able to practice this way of communicating to the unseen characters…KNOW that this is for REAL and they all await for each of you to awaken to this Truth of communicating with them.

Me:  Why do we even come here with a physical body?

I AM:  You come here to experience “matter” in its solid form…why ?  because what a treat to be able to feel emotions, to experience taste…your souls want “adventure” and this is one way they can experience it, thru the human vessel.  Once they are complete with what it is they came here for, they disperse themselves from the shell (body) and come back home…to rest….they may also choose to possibly come back to earth to finish what they could not master while they were there or they can go onto another  dimensional way of living.

Me:  I guess life as we know it….is a bigger UNDERSTANDING and the mystery will always be alive in us!!!  Thank you I AM !  Love you so so much!!! 🙂


As I sit back to review what I just heard and wrote, my conclusion is that what Devorah was teaching me was not to give her a label of leaving this world with having “cancer” . I know in my heart that she was here to give love and service to as many people that she could thru her words, acts and profession. I am blessed to have known her and to have spent moments in life with her.

She also taught me that it is not only what purity of food or water you put into your body that keeps you living in longevity, but how do we process our emotions that would spring up upon us, fear, anger, resentment that can disturb our souls journey thru life..we must find a way to forgive ourselves and others for harboring these emotions and to know in our hearts that life is precious in every moment of breath and to harbor any emotion that does not fill our hearts with JOY, can only cause us to practice fear as our way of life. Fear then becomes our Master and God/Love is on the back burner. Today and always I shall choose God/Love as my MASTER and dismiss fear thots that want to sneak into my consciousness and steer me into another direction..

I pray that when we decide to leave this planet, we will leave happy and with no disharmony within our souls !!

I love you Devo.. you will always be eternal in my heart..

Is Imagination a form of creation ?

I begin my thots today with “imagination”, is it really a form of creation?  If so, how does it work ?  Why don’t we know to use it as an adult?  I play with imagination once mostly when I am with my grand daughter and it’s funny that I teach her to use it, but I don’t use it for myself…so, I pose my thots of curiosity to my I AM presence.  Are you there ??

I AM:  I see you have a lot of curious thots my dear one about what you call “imagination” and I will do my very best to help you understand how it works and maybe then you will use it more 🙂  All of creation began with imagination and shall end with imagination!  Is it a live force within each and everyone of you ? YES it is…This word imagination starts with you putting an “image” in your thot process and thereby the image will take on life..the one that focuses more on their image the formation of life starts to unfold.  Life of imagination is “energy in circulation” and knowing energy in your world can manifest into a material reality, why would you not want to use your imagination more?

Me:  I was taught that imagination is only a play thing you do for fun and that it really does not create’s a non reality…

I AM:  Pashaw!!! It is real and valid…most of your creations of todays technology began in someones imagination, did it not?  Practice using your imagination daily dear one and then tell me if it is not real…what can you tell me now that is an imagination that you would like to create ?

Me:  I would love to wake up every day and feel and see crispness in the viewing of life.  I imagine that  as I am outdoors I see all the trees with beauty of each leaf upon the tree..i see the colors vivid in their green shades.  I see all the birds with clarity and I can understand their language.  I imagine that I go about each day with no concept of time and that each day is filled with lots of joy and playfulness!  I imagine that everyone on the planet is happy and that they want for nothing, as they have all that they need and more.  I imagine that my body is strong, energetically balanced and has the power of the universe flowing thru it !! I imagine that I have no age limitations and that my inner body vibrates as that of a healthy child.  I imagine that all I desire, such as spending however long I would like to at a home on the beach is POSSIBLE and that I don’t have to bring work to afford it… I imagine that I am abundantly affluent with money to do with as I please…to give to those that lack it..

I AM:  You see my dear one, YOU have imagination galore!!!  I want you to practice seeing all of this daily..the practice of writing it down as you did is a very powerful tool that helps to expedite imagination to be used more often and to therefore materialize into form that is tangible for you to see .  this is not wishful thinking…this is real and to believe that it is, is the “secret” that has been blocked from your memory banks…NOW is the time to use it and to help others to use it more as well.  The more that your species uses it for the betterment of the whole, the sooner you ALL can partake in the fruits of life !!! 🙂

Me:  You are the best !  I am so thankful that we had this chat because if I teach my grandchild to use her imagination, then I am pulling it from a deep knowing that it is real right?

I AM:  Exactly !!!   Have fun and please check in with me again …as I cannot wait to read your “ahas” along with others reading them as well…I of course, will see and experience right with you because I AM you!!!!! Love to your heart and it’s good to see you back at writing.

Time Out to Time-In

Child: I AM I need help in understanding why my mommy and/or my daddy put me in “time-out”. Sometimes when I am doing something that my mom/dad don’t seem to care for me doing, they  tell me to go to my room . This makes me cry and I don’t understand..Please help me ..

IAM Presence:  My dear special person, there are times that your parents do not know how to make you understand that the behavior that you are putting out is not acceptable because it may either hurt you or someone else.  I know as a young soul you want to experience and do all things or say things that you either hear someone else say or you do things that you may of saw another do…just because you see another do or say something does not make it a correct way to your parents MUST find a way for you to understand a better way of handling a situation.  We strongly recommend that parents use the words “Time-In” when they send you to your room..

Child:  Why?

IAM Presence:  As you go and sit and cry in your room or wherever you are told to go and sit, it is a time for you to reflect on going within (time-in) your thots and re-playing the lesson that your parents are trying for you to understand.  For example lets say your Mommy asked you to stop yelling and you don’t stop…you keep on yelling your pretty little head off…sounds like fun for you…to just make noice…doesn’t it?  Your Mommy asked you again to “stop” and you still keep doing it…so Mommy sends you to your room for a Time-In.. You are probably wondering “what did I do wrong?” I was just practicing making my voice loud ?”   Well you see my little one, the sound you put out of your mouth can hurt your mommy or daddys ears or maybe they need to be talking to someone else and with your loudness their hearing gets lost and they can’t hear the other person speaking.  There is a time to be quiet and a time to make your loud noise…therefore, going within (time-in) and understanding that your act was not right for the moment and you will better understand to listen when asked not to do it  again…

In time you will learn what your elders require in order to keep harmony amongst your family and avoid the “time-In” routine 🙂

child: Thank you I AM…I will do my best to do as I am told and to learn the reason for being sent to my room.

IAM Presence:  Very good my little one and also, when you are not sure why you were sent to your room after being in there crying and trying to understand “why”., when you are told to come back out of you room, you can always ask for a better understanding of why you were sent in there..and your mommy or daddy will explain it to you.  May I remind you, this is not a debate with your parents as to who is right or wrong, so please stay quiet and listen to what your parent is telling you…You don’t want to have to go back into your room, do you now ? 🙂

Remember, I AM always here to help also with the greater understanding of you lesson…

With love in my heart little one and great-fullness, stay Happy and Loving..

No Excuses NOW..

As I sit and ponder the thots of the whys and hows to work on brings me to the ultimate question, what for ??? Why can’t we just except what our life has to offer, as “as is” sort of status ? I mean we really come here to take in all that life has to offer, don’t we ?

I AM: Wow…lots of questions floating in your thot process! Where shall I begin…let’s see, how about there is “NO Excuses” for not working on yourself. To find the true YOU and not the you that someone else has built thru your DNA is quite an experience. We suggest that to do GROWTH, it is a team effort…What team you ask, the team that you came in with..Did you know that not only do you have a physical team (family/friends) that you were born in to, but you also have a team that works with you in other dimensions. You are not any of your physical team, they are team players that came to this reality to help you grow to the true YOU, which is LOVE and LIGHT..

To go thru your life existence as a solo character, is impossible…Every character you bring into your existence is a mirror of YOU..this is down to the mail courier, the grocery store clerk, even the animals that you find yourself attracted to…If you don’t care too much for the mirror, then we suggest to alter the mirrors image by changing aspects of Yourself!!

Me: But why do I need to do this? Why can’t I just remove the image of what I am mirroring back at me by just walking away from the person, place or thing ?

I AM: Because my sweet girl of wonder, you will only attract the same wherever you go or whomever you meet again… To ultimately walk with your Source as your power, you walk with Love !! and we have already explained to you in other writings that all of you are Light particles of GOd. Why would anyone make excuses for not wanting to BE their true Self ? Seek ME and you will find your way of Truth..I AM in all beings at all times. Take time to connect and ask to be given your growth lessons…There is nothing more pleasing and enjoyable to see you light up and lift off to YOU…Just don’t forget to Live, Love and Laugh while you are in the process. Blessing be to you dear one and all that read your writings 🙂