Birth of the New Born

Hi my wonderful readers!  Yes, it has been a while since I have posted anything, but today my 4 year old granddaughter asked her mother ” Mommy, how did the first baby come to Earth without having a mother and father?”   So my beautiful I AM Presence, since you have directed me here to write this post, I shall turn over the writing to you.  Would you please enlighten us on the answer to this question?

I AM:  Absolutely ….you see little one you will grow up to possibly hear that the first child to be born to the Earth was thru a woman named Mary.  This woman gave birth to a child without a father in the physical form…but a father that is your father in a world bigger than your imagination will allow you to go right now.  This power which I will call God is a great energy that can be called upon with belief in your heart to bring forth whatever your desire may be.

Me:  Are you saying that Mary called upon God to give her a child and like a magic seed ….it grew inside her to become a child of hers?

I AM:  Yes!

Me:  Well then, why is it woman of the earth today cannot conceive a child by just asking God to help her body to produce a child within her body?

I AM:   Your “belief” has been  altered .  Your race was hence forth programmed to believe that a male species was needed in order to help you and all of nature to produce offsprings.

Me: Why was it altered?

I AM:  It was part of the dark forces agenda to remove your Powers as a One.  To this day, they have very much kept this belief instilled in the ALL.

Me:  Again, I ask why?

I AM:  Control my dear one…to be able to control the population.

Me:  This is not fair to US!  Can we change this pattern of belief ?

I AM:  Absolutely!  Woman are doing it all the time and so are the creatures of Nature.  The male species only assist the female by releasing his divine light energy onto the womans egg.  This is done to imprint the offspring with the males characteristics as well as the mothers.  You have only been brainwashed into thinking that the male is needed, but in fact HE is not.  Couples should start to understand their major role that they are playing when it is time to create or bring forth their imprints.  Woman CAN begin to bear children on their own, but they must have the BELIEF AND THE DESIRE to do so!

Me:  This is too much for my brain to comprehend and totally against what we were taught that about the act of creation to be.

I AM:  Yes my dear it is…for this we are truly sorry for the mis-information that has been bestowed upon humanity about this topic.  Your granddaughter is a very wise and bright Soul of the Future…and it just may be SHE that will reveal the truth too this question!!

Me:  Is this why we were taught or imbreaded into our consciousness with a touch or hint of a virgin mother ?

I AM:  YES….the days ahead will unfold the TRUTH…the light made sure to put this “code” into your books and KNEW that one day in the future time…”Curiousity” of your granddaughters question shall be asked amongst many children of your future.  As they are the ONES to help your kind survive onward 🙂

Me:  Wow!!! this is something for me to meditate on and I am sure many to ponder….Not sure …..that they will believe this post…Thank you I AM…as always, very grateful to connect with you!  I love you..

I AM:  As I love you my dear one…   I AM also very grateful that you have allowed your physical self to sit down and write this for all to see..

The Gift to You and the You-niverse

As I sit in stillness and ask spirit to guide me in wisdom not only for my benefit but for the all, I hear the voice loud and clear say the word,” GIFT”.  I proceeded to ask, “what about gift..This is what the I AM presented to me::

I AM:  My dear soul, GIFT yourself thru the giving to the Earth ( Gaia) many human souls walk around with their energies being depleted and wondering why..First of all, we would want to say that when one engages their soul with their Mother- Earth and help to nourish her with love, then in return her energy vibrates thru you and the YOU-niverse.

Me:  Can you elaborate on that more for me please.

I AM:  Sure, so many neglect to put their heart and soul (hands) into the matrix of the earth..Each of you have a plot of land that you stand upon whether you own/rent and yet you do not spend time out on the land with your bodies or hands touching her..When you dig up the soil More

As you do unto others, you do to YOU

We are approaching a time in our lives that our lessons of living an aware life, quicken to an extreme speed.  An Aware Life is a life that comes with its ups/downs and YOU the creator are able to be an observer and either change it or keep it as is..  I recently went thru a birthday event of my own ..whereby family/friends called or texted me a happy birthday.  Now, I am one that has learned to go with the flow, but my flow on this day turned out to be hurtful to me another person.  Let me explain; usually I keep this day small and intimate with just my husband,daughter, mother/father and my younger sister all going out for a dinner and celebration…Well, somehow this day turned into invites being done without my awareness of it all.. More

December 21, 2012 ;So What ?

I go about these days whereby I here there is a count down to the magic date 12/21/12.  I can’t help but wonder what all the hype is about with this date.  Some say that the world is coming to an end and others say that our consciousness will be entering a 5th dimentional state.  So what ?  What does this mean for me?

I AM Presence:  What do you want it to mean for  you dear one ?  You see all dates are man-made..we do not go by dates for this or that…we go by what the heart is telling us.  If in your heart More

DNA and your Beliefs


As I ponder a story I read about how our DNA is as healthy or unhealthy as our belief system, I went within to hear  the truth about this.  Can we overcome dis-harmonious situations pertaining to our health or even how we direct our daily living?


I AM Presence:    It is true that your belief systems or even systems that have been planted in your DNA from your ancestors do affect you today!  This can range from health issues of all sorts to the labor put forth in your daily ventures.  Do you ever wonder why something can be difficult for you that you never even took on the task until NOW and then when you go to tackle it, you can’t.  Reason being is that somewhere someone said that this or that is hard.  What they actually did was plant a seed into your cellular structure and it buried itself and then came forth when it was time for you to take on the task.  Now if you were told that this was not going to be hard and it was relatively easy to perform, then this is the seed or shall I say the “belief” you planted into your DNA.  This blind deed has been done to all of you throughout your history.  It is stored in your parents DNA brought in from their parents DNA and up/down the chain of life, to YOU!


Me:  Can one change the course of action that the DNA is carrying that is not of a positive note?

I AM Presence:  Yes!    We request that when any situation that is not of a good nature be in your field, to ponder where it came from.  There is no blame as to where it came from (Mother or Father, etc) as it does not matter.  What matters is that you recall the memory of when it was implanted in you and we then ask you to “rewrite” a new “belief” by visualizing the person telling you something positive.

Let me give you an example:  There was a little girl who burnt herself with bacon grease while helping her mother cook.  The oil from the bacon spilled all over her body to the point where she had to be rushed to the hospital to be tended to.  With 3rd degree burns, they lubricated and bandaged her all up and sent her home to heal.  After several days of lying around, she was finally ready to go back to school.  Upon sitting in her class room one of her peers asked her what happen.  The little girl responded with what happened, and the peer loudly said, “Oh God you are going to be ugly and all scared up!”  The little girl was confused as to what the word scarring meant and upon going home after school and telling her mother what was said to her, her mothers’ response was, “no you won’t scar because you do not believe in this.”  As an adult that she is now, she shows no signs of any type of burning to her body.  Why?  It was not in her belief systems, hense in her DNA .  You can re-program ALL beliefs that do not serve you, but you must strongly BELIEVE this to be possible!  This is not some sort of magical notion, it is one of TRUTH that has not been explained to you until NOW.

Me:  Thank you so much my wonderful   I AM Presence and as always I love you and also walking away with your wisdom in me!

Changing Our Matrix To-Gether

Today my day began with personal training a young soul.  While putting her thru her workout we touched on several subjects of the heart.  One of the heart buttons was pushed when I asked her to ponder the ANGER she has with her husband.  This dialogue that we were having was helping her to push those weights around like a determined soul to show her STRENGTH !  As I know that we all come to-gether to help one another grow in our spiritual selves, I knew there was a bigger picture as to why my I AM presence was presenting these dynamic guestions and statements to be before her in her field and MINE !  The Voice approached and said:

Voice:  You my dear are not only there to help people to train their bodily muscles, but you are also there to help them to train their mind muscle!  We thank you sincerely for taking on the mission to help the light souls to lift in their thot process and to expand their consciousness of  the bigger picture of it all !    By working to help them to change their inner matrix from the old way of looking and feeling about people, places and things, this too helps to clean up your matrix.  These beings of light are all a part of your Universal Cellular Matrix and they carry within their DNA the same dynamics as YOU.  Learning their stories of life, you come to find out that the stories may be different, but you share the same energies ANGER, FEAR, WORTHINESS, TRUST, FOREGIVENESS.  You all are God Particles and you each travel with groups and you came here to help each other Change your Matrix…what you would say, update it !!  Old versions of blaming others for your feelings of Dis-Contentment is no longer a part of this new world of LOVE and PEACE.  When you look at each of them as your brothers and sisters here to accomplish the same task and to reach for the stars of higher-ness, then it makes for fun conversations of learning the TRUTH about Yourselves..  Blaming Others all boils down to only ONE person to take responsibility for the act, its called YOU.  When you come to realize that you are the creator of your own energy matrix, then guess what ?  ” CHANGE IT”  Change blame to forgiveness of Yourself first and forgiving others comes easy..this too can change the matrix soup of anger, fear, worthiness and trust. Learn to practice forgiveness so that the other emotions can melt away 🙂

War, What is it Good For ?

Awe the beginning of a new day…a day to go within and make sense of our existence.  Today as I did my morning meditational walk, the question that popped into my thot process and one that I really want to understand is, why is there War and what is it good for ?

Voice:  I love your title my dear one as it is one of song, is it not ?  As we observe how your planet creates the existence of war, we see that it is a part of control, power and greed of money.  Do they not realize that all of these can be removed from them, whether it be by illness, death and/or victory of their opponent.  In all three of these instantces there is a LOSS, but yet you continue to dwell on loss rather than JOY..the joy to be FREE and to understand that all can be had in life thru pure LOVE..  We see no need to kill as a means of righteousness..all of this  from our observance is child-like!  We also have observed how over time, your planet has always had WAR in its diet and that it never seems to go that is not healthy for your souls..  It’s time for your planet to change its diet and begin to declare a “War on Joy”!

Well well there voice, thats a new one and just how do you create this War on Joy?

Voice:  Begin with yourself !  If you can begin your day with finding the things that bring your soul JOY and telling others to do the same, eventually your planet will be consumed with glorious JOY !! 

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in the heart, the voice 🙂

 It only takes one soul to change the world, but with more making the effort to change the world it becomes magnificent !  So what do you say, shall we begin the War on Joy ?

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