“Trust and Gratitude”

As I approached my meditation area and sat there for awhile admiring the beauty that surrounds me, I asked the voice if they would like to write again and if so, what should the discussion be about ?  I heard the words Trust and Gratitude and here is what the voice said:


Voice:  We love when you ask us our opinion on what to write as we have so many wonderful topics that your beings would love to learn and play with.  As we admire your ways of doing things, we also see how and hear how you think about your physical bodies…In observing how you treat your “temple” we find it amazing that you do not show gratitude to its existence of life.  What we mean by this is that somehow you trust that your bodies are functioning , but do you know what makes the heart tick or how your livers and kidneys cleans out toxins…You really don’t understand the magic of the physical body and how it operates…Your bodies hear all the words and thots  you say and think.   With this being said, your bodies will take on any negative or positive energy you put out through your words and/or your thots.  We say, that if say if you would like for your body to bounce with JOY, then be mindful of what you feed it mentally….


We would love for you to acknowledge what beautiful beings you are and also acknowledge all your components (organs) and verbally before going to sleep, talk to your body parts and thank each and every one of them for performing the task that they perform…They love when you talk to them and show them gratitude …and as you do this, they will in turn love you back…it’s called you “feel good”. 

We also recommend that you help your bodies by exposing them to the sun each day and taking them outside to sit or walk …when you do this for them, they in return will give you the strength and love to live life happily.

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂