You know they say that all thots are energy…so be careful what you think or you just may create it!  Well I had quite an experience with my survival of existing in what seems to be a world of unfairness at times and the confusion that is wrapped around the thots-energy statement.  I have always been a type of person that would stay ahead of the game of the financial bill paying life….but, today this seems to be quite a challenge to do.  When I would get a few extra $$, I would put it away for future unforseen bills that would occur.

It seems everytime I do this tactic, More

The Thot Process Diet for Losing Weight

One of my passions is providing personal weight training sessions to people who want to get in shape.  I often have clients that come to me with a goal to lose x-amount of weight by a certain time frame.  The question that lingers in my thot process is why do people allow themselves to get out of shape?


Voice:  Hmmm…weight issues seem to be prevalent in your world !  You people have these issues because you put “guilt” behind what you put into your bodily systems..  If it’s not guilt of what you are eating, it’s guilt about something you have done in your life.  This very negative emotion causes your bodies great dis-harmony!  You should teach your clients the importance of the “thot diet”..

The what ?  what is a the thot diet ?

Voice:  We laugh as I am sure you laugh when you hear this phrase, but none the less it is the secret to anyones success in anything they set out to accomplish.  The thot diet consist purely of LOVE.  Everyone who allows any thots that make them say or think negative sayings, MUST delete them or reword them as to give the cells of your bodies a happy feeling.  We also strongly suggest that when you operate your daily lives that one does not allow negative thot patterns to consume them, such as anger, jealousy, control, etc.

Well there are those that find their negative thots or words of ill manner do make their cells feel happy.  What is  your retort to this.

Voice:  You can fool the mind, but you cannot fool the inner mechanism!!!  People may lose the weight and gain it back later on because they have lost the connection to their true inner know the one that shouts, hey are you going to give me Divinity or are you going to put me on the back burner again ?  Love your bodies as they are and start to change your thots and really go to your root of your weight issues…it’s not how your mama or your daddy fed you when you were little…it’s what you “think” and how you operate your thots that have created overweight people!!  Teach yourselves and/or your children to acknowledge their inner being (soul) and talk to it and let this I AM of yourself lead you in the right direction…It will never steer anyone wrong..



The Secret to Living

Life can be a cycle of ups/downs..but it’s how you ride the wave that matters !  I sit in silence contemplating the “Secret to Living” and posed the question to my higher voice.  Is there a right or wrong way to live life ?

Voice:  Yes and No my dear one…It’s when you verbalize or shall I say label your doings as a right or wrong and even a yes or no.  What you are doing is called “programming” your inner computor.  When it comes to the Secret of Living, we say eat, think, say and do what ever you want to do in’s when you label it wrong or right is when you begin the dialogue with telling your cells what you are fearful of.  When your cells know what it is you fear, it begins to bring it your way !!!  As the cells do not know how to decipher feelings of our emotions, but what they do is, they feel the vibration of your thots..when you take a good thot, one that uplifts you, your cells within bounce with a joyful vibration..We know that it is hard for you to keep this state of mind as your world was created with the duality of Fear.  This emotion can be so overwhelming vibrationally that your cells only begin to resonate with the pitch of fear notes that are rythyming within you. 

You beings are so fearful of doing things the wrong way, that you forget to understand that all wrong ways are nothing more than good ways gone sour !  It’s time to step up to the NEW UNDERSTANDING that you are perfect as you are..the way you think, the way you verbalize yourselves with your emotions, the way you are, is PERFECT !  There is no need to follow any rituals, gurus, diets, religion, etc., as you were made to resonate only JOY! 

The Secret to Life my dear one, is to do all that you want from a state of appreciation and to find joy of eating, saying or doing whatever it may be, as this is what makes each and everyone of you, YOU !  It’s when you attach a fear thot to anything or shall i say a programmed thot that was given to you, that you beging to create dis-harmony within and hense it manifest on your outside world.  It is time to not allow your self to feel that you were brought up in a wrong manner..there is no way to perfection, PERFECTION is here and now in you..Do you really think that you came to this planet as an imperfect being ?  If you answer this yes, then you still do not know who you are.  One day, you will realize that all that you are is a light glowing…a beautiful bright filled cell !!!  Your Universe is YOU…So I pose the question to you dear one; would you like to shine bright or do you want your light to be’s your choice and either one is perfect…because it’s YOU!

Think with your Heart

I keep having people tell me to think with your heart.  Just what does it mean when you allow your heart to speak and not your mind ?

Voice:  My big being of Light, when the heart speaks it means that you come from the heart in all you say and do.  So very often when you approach a situation in your life that requires a decision, you all seem to want to come from the head as to how to handle it…your mind goes to what should I do ?  Should I handle it this way so he/she will think I am doing the right thing ?

When the heart speaks, there is no head games that go do whatever it is with an open heart and you have a sense of love and compassion that flows with the decision.  The love and compassion is not for others to feel, although this is nice as well, but it is for YOU !  This is a love and compassion for being able to speak and feel your truth of your being-ness.

Wow..voice, this sounds simple and all, but how do you shake the feelings of others that you share space with for judging you for your action taken if it does not meet their standards ?

Voice:  It is not for you to be concerned with others feelings or judgment calls..they do not reside in do !!  One should practice releasing this feeling of “guilt” that is not necessary to have…you were only taught this uneasy feeling through pass-downs of heritage..this is a falseness that was taught..You now have the power to help not only yourself for coming from the heart, but others are able to learn this gift by your example..

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂

The Bible


 Let me begin my story with telling you that I am not promoting religion, but the word and feeling of LOVE..

 I began a day a month ago doing my morning walk along a beautiful beach causeway…I set out that morning not only to exercise, but to help clean up the beach..(pick up trash)..along my clean-up I met a man, we both struck up a conversation …our conversation was more about belief and faith in God…I welcomed his uplifting words with open arms as it brought comfort to me.. After leaving the beach, I set out to look for a bible to continue with finding out the truth about God….  I was a person who went to Sunday school when I was younger, but I did not practice my faith in a traditional way, by going to church…I always prayed to something, someone, but not sure who….I never read the bible in its entirety, because for one, I could not understand it …but I thot now that I am older maybe I will be able to understand it.. so off on my journey of seeking out a bible.  I asked around of family and friends to see if anyone had a spare that I could borrow…but to no avail they did not have any extras to loan out….  Now, I could have went out and bought one, but somehow in my heart I felt that God did exist, and a bible would show up that I did not need to pay for and that I did not have to go to extreme measures to get one… 

 Here I am a month later still without a bible…until today that is, a miracle has taken place !!!!  I went on a bike ride in the neighborhood and as I was riding along, there in the gutter sat a little book, titled The Holy Bible..

 I immediately stopped my bike, picked up the book and yelled in mind and heart Thank You , Thank You, Thank You !!!!  There is a God !!!! As I rode off I heard the little voice in my head tell me that we are listened to daily and to continue with having Faith and to bring this message to all who will listen…Let them know that God loves them and that God is not lying somewhere in a gutter, but in their hearts and he/she awaits for our communication …we just need to make time to talk to him/her..