Are you SPOILING your child?

Well, you know me, when I am asked a question, ” am I spoiling my child” I go within and inquire from the higher I AM presence to get their version of this question.  Raising a child, we are often questioning ourselves if we give this or that to them at an every day pace if in fact this a sign of spoiling my child.  I, as a mother myself can recall the earlier years of raising my daughter and I was also a single parent for 7 years of her life, that I worked hard and made sure that my daughter never would want for nothing…that she would get whatever toy she desired…It made me feel good and it made her feel good to receive the toy.  I AM is this a form of spoiling?

I AM:  First of all dearness, what is this word “SPOIL”?  We have heard your species use this term, “spoiled rotten”.  Is your child really ready to die off ?  We mean the word “rotten” depicts, reaching its full potential of ripeness and then GONE!!!  Is your child really made up of “oil” a, lubricant ?

Me:  Well no, my child is not a lubricant and she is not rotten..but the phrase I think is meant that if you give a child all that they want, then they get so much that they never learn how to get if for themselves when they get older.

I AM:  I must laugh at your language!!! No one ever gets or are given all that they desire in life >>>>no one!!!  If they did, then there would be no reason to be on your planet.  Your planet is a place of contrast, the yes/no, the right/wrong, etc. Your children will learn the ins and outs of life as they progress down the road.  Their best examples of course are YOU, the parent(s).  If you are one to expect things to be handed to you ….then your child will more than likely follow this path or he/she may “choose” to find out how creative they are and go out and create their endeavors to obtain whatever it is they desire.

Have you ever wondered if by eating a meal(s) every day that you may be considered, SPOILED ?   Are you not getting something (food) daily ?

Me:  Yes, but I AM this is different…as this is helping our physical bodies to stay alive.

I AM:  Do you NOT think that the feeling of JOY that you or your child receives in the gift you give them is helping their physical bodies to stay alive?  JOY to the heart is so nutritional, that you all should find more ways to bring JOY to each others hearts in whatever ways you can…

Each child shall grow up and be-come their own imprint/identity..some will awaken to grasping the reality that is on your planet .  They will learn the way to do things and not do things…then there will be others that will become lost and not know how to create their life…but, each of you learn the game of life and “choose” how to move forward.  We say to always follow your own hearts when it comes to raising your children….and do not adhere to anyone elses “story” of how to do this..

Me:  Thank you so much for giving me/us another way to perceive this term “spoiled rotten”..  I totally overstand your view and it has helped me to see how our language if taken and dissected can give us a better viewpoint of how it can become twisted in our thots….only because we were taught its meaning by others to mean something other than what the word(s) actually are defined as…mind blowing to say the least!!!!



What makes for a good relationship?  Is there a perfect one?

Is there a model to go by?

Voice:  Relay-tion-ships…The answer to this is really a deep rooted ancestral one.  You noticed that I broke down the word for you because first of all; all relationships are a matter of relaying what’s in your hearts to one another.  If one cannot disclose honesty amongst their relationship, then “tion” (shun) yourselves and get on the ship and move on out (smile).  For eons man/woman roles were based off of men doing what they wanted and woman sitting on the sidelines waiting for their man to ask them “how are you doing dear one?”  “How was your flow with the child or children today?”  Woman would do their best to be the nurturer and make sure food was on the table for the man when he got home, etc.  You each became robots!!

The true blueprint for having a good relationship is giving each other love from the hearts. NOT just one of you doing this, but the both of you.  When one allows this flow of LOVE from the hearts all other activities come smoothly and without effort!  Too many times we see you humans put all other worldly matters before your mates, how to make money, how to do this and that.

HAVE you forgotten why you came here?  LOVE is all that matters on Earth and ALL you need to KNOW…  Your family ,friends or loved ones are there for you to practice this.  Once you truly have love flowing thru your hearts, the rest is easy!!  So if you notice that there is friction amongst your relationship, then one of you or the both of you need to re-evaluate your love for one another. Is it coming from the head or the heart?  No physical attraction can last if there is no true love from the hearts.  We often see that the human race chooses looks first and heart connections second…This is a no wonder why it takes work on your parts to keep relationships working wonder-fully!  

So, my dear one the model that one should go by, is:

Connect to ones’ heart first and the physical attraction will take place naturally.

How do you connect to ones’ heart?  What is meant by this?

Voice:   Study your mate, just like you would study a class assignment. See what they like to read, what they like to talk about, see where there heart was when they were a child. Ask each other what brought you joy as a young soul? Allow each other to be themselves!  There are no flaws in any of you.  To find a flaw in another, is to find a flaw in yourself.  All of these questions and more heartfelt ones are what will determine your flow of your relationship. It’s up to each individual to really want to know themselves deeply, to want to take on a relationship.  So ,you can take on a relationship or not.  Sooner or later a relationship or relationships will expose themselves to you and you will learn about yourself…It’s the reason you came here. (smile)  No book can tell you who you are, you have to experience it through relationships..:)

Just What Is “Love” Mean In A Relationship ?

I was sitting one day underneath my favorite oak tree pondering the question in my thot process, just what does it mean to have love in a relationship.. I sat quiet waiting for the voice to approach with its all seeing “opinion”..


We giggle at your question my dear one as we find it humorous to see how you struggle with such a simple reality of LOVE.  We will do our best to communicate the simplicity of Love and we will tell you how we see “lovers” show their love for one another.

Imagine two people in love…The world adores lovers and romance, for it senses union here and true giving-the giving of Self to SELF.  But altered state of Being is quickly off its mark and offers its reversed version of truth.  The giving of Self to SELF becomes the gift of Self to SELF. 

Before we continue with this examination, the assurance seems in place here that no judgment at all is laid upon the lovers of your world.  They too are here to learn as every other soul.    We find this to be a delicate chord amongst many of your species.  Although your understanding of love is a reversed one, for Love is Reality- exactly what is denied-you nevertheless regard it as your highest virtue.  As we observe how you lovers ache for each other, seek each other’s company wherever possible-in short, they need each other.  The most noble feelings the heart contains are now experienced here.  And truly, this is the closest Man or Woman comes to see his/her SELF in the other’s heart  !!! This is your reason for romance’s appeal.  She worships him-he worships her.  ‘ Ask what you will-I shall surrender with ease, if only I can be ONE with you’ says each to the other soul.

In truth, each lover values the other more than his or her own Self.  And so the bargain is struck.  What these two do not say in words is really this:  ‘I give my Self, which I value less than you, to you and in return I receive your Self, which I value more.  This way I shall be complete.  Obviously, the one I gave my discounted Self to must have picked the shorter straw.  Therefore, both made a bad ‘deal’, each one believing to have won the lottery.  What bad deals have in common is that they leave a bad after-taste, which burps up at the time of divorce (smile ).    We smile, because Love in a relationship must come first from Loving yourself 110% and when one can accomplish this Love for themselves, then they can truly come together with another who loves themselves just as much…and guess what you have ” A TRUE UNITY” !!!

With love in our hearts and a twinkle in our eyes, the voice 🙂

What is the meaning of Conversation

What is the meaning of conversation….why must we have it or even need it ?  I spent the last couple of days observing myself trying to have a conversation with people and it seems that people generally like to hear themselves talk and not really listen to what each other has to say….we just talk at each other, rather than listen.  I find it more difficult to have conversations with those of lately and I am trying to figure out why ?  So, I thot I would ask the little voice inside of me and this is what I heard.


My dearest one conversation on your planet is just that conversation….nothing more nothing less.  When you truly want to have a conversation with another, use listening as your tool .


What, listen…how can this be having a conversation ?


Because the true conversation comes from the heart and not the mouth… the heart talks and you put into action what the heart is telling you…this is conversation…you have been taught that words are needed in order to make people understand who you are or what you stand for…try not speaking so much and show them who you are..whatever it is you claim you are or know to be true, surely you must be able to “show” rather than saying it..before there was language you used body language, drawings, symbols and telepathy..Re-member your traits that you have within YOU and bring them out NOW….