Are you SPOILING your child?

Well, you know me, when I am asked a question, ” am I spoiling my child” I go within and inquire from the higher I AM presence to get their version of this question.  Raising a child, we are often questioning ourselves if we give this or that to them at an every day pace if in fact this a sign of spoiling my child.  I, as a mother myself can recall the earlier years of raising my daughter and I was also a single parent for 7 years of her life, that I worked hard and made sure that my daughter never would want for nothing…that she would get whatever toy she desired…It made me feel good and it made her feel good to receive the toy.  I AM is this a form of spoiling?

I AM:  First of all dearness, what is this word “SPOIL”?  We have heard your species use this term, “spoiled rotten”.  Is your child really ready to die off ?  We mean the word “rotten” depicts, reaching its full potential of ripeness and then GONE!!!  Is your child really made up of “oil” a, lubricant ?

Me:  Well no, my child is not a lubricant and she is not rotten..but the phrase I think is meant that if you give a child all that they want, then they get so much that they never learn how to get if for themselves when they get older.

I AM:  I must laugh at your language!!! No one ever gets or are given all that they desire in life >>>>no one!!!  If they did, then there would be no reason to be on your planet.  Your planet is a place of contrast, the yes/no, the right/wrong, etc. Your children will learn the ins and outs of life as they progress down the road.  Their best examples of course are YOU, the parent(s).  If you are one to expect things to be handed to you ….then your child will more than likely follow this path or he/she may “choose” to find out how creative they are and go out and create their endeavors to obtain whatever it is they desire.

Have you ever wondered if by eating a meal(s) every day that you may be considered, SPOILED ?   Are you not getting something (food) daily ?

Me:  Yes, but I AM this is different…as this is helping our physical bodies to stay alive.

I AM:  Do you NOT think that the feeling of JOY that you or your child receives in the gift you give them is helping their physical bodies to stay alive?  JOY to the heart is so nutritional, that you all should find more ways to bring JOY to each others hearts in whatever ways you can…

Each child shall grow up and be-come their own imprint/identity..some will awaken to grasping the reality that is on your planet .  They will learn the way to do things and not do things…then there will be others that will become lost and not know how to create their life…but, each of you learn the game of life and “choose” how to move forward.  We say to always follow your own hearts when it comes to raising your children….and do not adhere to anyone elses “story” of how to do this..

Me:  Thank you so much for giving me/us another way to perceive this term “spoiled rotten”..  I totally overstand your view and it has helped me to see how our language if taken and dissected can give us a better viewpoint of how it can become twisted in our thots….only because we were taught its meaning by others to mean something other than what the word(s) actually are defined as…mind blowing to say the least!!!!