Why Doesn’t AnyOne Listen to Me ?

In sitting in quiet-ness, I pondered my conversations with a dear friend of mine..we were talking about why is it when one speaks to one another, we feel compelled to jump in with our two sense about the topic.  So on and on we go back and forth, but I asked, “did we really listen to one another on a deeper level?”  We walk away thinking we did, but then another day comes by and we are on the same topic of whatever it may be that we discussed a few days ago or even a month ago.  Suddenly, we realize what we said the last time to this person was not heard !!!  So, my question is “Why doesn’t anyone Listen to Me?’


Voice:  The answer to this my dear one goes back to YOU…one must ask themselves if they are truly a listener when another speaks…  To be a listener and to receive someone really listening to you, you must first practice listening when another speaks, without your words even being apart of their dialogue..JUST LISTEN !!!  Too often you beings walk around just mumbling words to one another only because you were taught to do this by your past inheritance of adult influence from a young age..Parents would never listen to you and you would never listen to them…it’s a circle of jumbles (smile).  To become a good listener one must be trained from a young soul to be heard.  You ask, how?  Teach your child to listen and this does not mean talking to them and then asking them a question for their response to what you just said..instead tell them what it is you want and then tell them to take what was said by you into silence to ponder.  Tell them to go outdoors or in their rooms to ponder what they want to be heard by you.  Once this task is completed, then allow your child to come together with you, whether it be later that day or the next day and discuss the topic presented to them..  and you (the parent) practice JUST LISTENING…

This act allows the two entities the respect of being heard and listened to.  Which makes for a great Adult Listener down the road..If you had more of this energy encompassing your planet, VOICES would be heard 🙂


I ask again the question to the voice, can I as an adult become a listener NOW ?

Voice:  Sure you can !!!  It takes practice now, as you were bred falsely …but it can be done if you truly desire to be heard. 🙂