Who is this voice in my head?

I sat one morning contemplating just who was I talking to when I ask my questions to myself and I hear “my voice” respond back to me with an answer.  So, my little voice in my head, who are YOU ?

Well, it is not at all difficult to think that you are seperate from your higher self…by Higher Self, we mean that you are just a little part of who you really are to the whole…

Please explain in more depth what you mean by this.

Too long you have been sheltered by religion, schools, parents and just about every day living, that you were not taught the importance of learning about yourself and what makes you tick.  You all are magnificent beings that are here to experience life on Earth as sparks of light…you may wonder, what are “sparks of light”…well, they are YOU…when one takes the time to spend moments through out the day, with themselves and quiet the mind chatter, then they get to hear their higher selfs speak to them and you can actually obtain all your answers from YOU , with a higher wisdom.  Wisdom that is pure and honest.  Making a daily practice of this, will bring you closer to your God self and you become the spark of light that all will want to be and have !!!!

So its your choice, do you want to shine ?  Shining your light helps not only you, but many, many others 🙂

With love in our hearts and twinkles in our eyes, your little voice.