Physician Heal Thyself

Hi my wonderful readers !!  I have been instructed to post another I AM message that came in strong for me and I hope it will help you too.  I have been experiencing some tooth/gum situations of late and was concerned as to whether I will be needing to pull this certain tooth in my mouth…I heard the message come over strongly from my I AM Presence ….Physician Heal Thyself!!!!  So, More

Time for Healing

As of lately, I hear how we as a species have the capabilities of healing ourselves both physically and mentally with little or no help from doctors.  I go within to hear the voices words on this and if there is truth to this statment.

Voice:  I hear your thots dear one and the answer is YES, you do have the capabilities to heal yourself, but it is you who do not BELEIVE this !  You did it as a child and you still do it today, for example, when you cut a finger or bump your head or knee against something that causes pain, what is your first instinct to this ?  You take your hands and cover the inflicted area and somehow this causes you some comfort.  Do you know what it is that you just created ?  Healing Energy poured from your hands to the wounded area.  Ones senses have been blocked or shall I say not taught that the energy that pours forth from your hands/fingers is actually energy from your Creator !..You may not see the energy pouring out, but none the less, there is !  Now imagine if you knew this to be TRUTH and when placing your hands on the area of discomfort you called upon the Creator to assist in healing you…and not just lightly asking, INTENTLY asking and BELEIVING that the healing is taking place.  The miracle occurs and you are healed…  You have so many possibilies available to you, but again you have not been taught of these gifts !  NOW is the time to seek out as there are plenty of human-beings who have awakened to this healing and would love to share or teach on how to accomplish this.  Its time to learn of who and what YOU are.

So, are you saying that we don’t need doctors for anything ?  How about broken bones or pains that occur in the physical body that you have no idea how they got there ?

Voice:  I am not saying that doctors are not needed as they serve a purpose for those who do not know how to heal themselves or choose not to learn how to heal themselves.. Even broken bones can be healed without a doctor, but again it boils down to BELIEVING that you are one with the Creator and such a desire is wanted.  So many undetected pains in the body stem from wounds of the Soul brought on from childhood and as you progress in life, they manifest in the physical form, (PAIN).  These memories are cellularly imbedded into your cells and can be cleared so that you can experience NO PAIN in your days ahead of you…My dear one this is a topic that I would need more time and paper to explain in great detail ..for now, know that there are truths available to you and one must take the TIME FOR HEALING in order to allow this to be a part of their make-up.

Thank you my voice from within…your words shall leave me and many others to expand our awareness to this truth. 🙂