Short Note from God :)

Good day to say “Hi” and “thank you” to our Source-God…Went for my daily walk and connection to my I AM presence and I was instructed to put out a little, but big message.

I AM Presence: First of all my special lady, “Thank You” for helping everyone to know and feel the truth of who they are. I want to say to all, More

G.iving O.urselves D.ivinity

Years ago I sat in wonder of who or what is God and just how do we get to know this force in our life. With my inner connection of the I AM , the question was asked..

I AM Presence: Silly girl…you and each soul has God within them…a particle of this force exist in all things !! Who do you think that you connect to when you connect to me? More

God In the Pond

Sunday, a day to connect with your deeper inner self… Out the door I go to take a nice morning bike ride along the trails to here and there.   As I ride, I have a strong urge to connect with myself on a deeper level.  I decided to park my bike and sit on a park bench overlooking the intercoastal waterways.  I sat in a lotus position and closed my eyes to connect and possibly hear God speak to me.  No words were heard, but i still enjoyed the quiteness of the mind.  I said my I AM gratitude statements and off I rode.  As I was riding, I viewed a pond over to the left of me, tucked amongst some trees..the voice yelled out loud in my head.

Voice:  “Get off your bike and go and see God in the Pond.”

I got off of my bike and went over to the pond and looked to see what or where God was at. 

Voice:  “Look in the pond.”

I looked in the pond and all I saw was the reflection of my face.

Voice:  “Now there is God in the Pond, YOU”  Not only is God all around you in nature, but God is in you..Practice giving yourself divinity every moment of your breath. 🙂




Do you ever wonder if there is a GOD out there or some Unseen Essential that hears you when you talk? Listen, as I unravel my experience just the other day while at the vegetable stand.


I tell you this story only to show you that you don’t have to be religious to know if there is a true connection to the voice in the head…to me the voice is GOD…and please you may make it anything you want …Source, Light, whatever,  its there !!!!!!!!!!  listening to YOU….


So I went to the vegetable stand to buy a few things, I was feeling pretty good this day…lately I have been experiencing things in my life that I would call unfavorable…but this day I was feeling good..  I bought my fruits and veggies got in the car and I told GOD thank you for the way I was feeling today…my anxiety was not there and I was very grateful that I felt good ..I relayed my feelings to God again by telling him that I LOVED HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!


As I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot and onto the road back home, my eyes went to the license tag in front of me, it read      “ I (a heart shape symbol)  U of  M”…

I asked the voice in my head what is this telling me and I heard that “ I LOVE YOU because you are of Me”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!


So please, know in your hearts that you are being listened to and don’t be afraid to connect to your God …we are truly cared for….we just need to re-member who we are…


Love you all…..Me