Digesting OneNess

Yesterday I posted a message from my I AM Presence that I was told to get out there about Forgiveness and OneNess.  It has taken and is still taking me time to digest the principle of OneNess and how you/I see what it means by OneNess.  So, More


To truly acknowledge ONENESS and
practice it, when looking to forgive,
you must only
forgive yourself..

As you forgive yourself, you are
forgiving all those that placed
harm against you or you against another..


You are all ONE 🙂


I just came home from visiting my parents and my father is experiencing some times of physical pain. Now he is at a young age of 70 + and I thot that I would go within and talk to my God self and ask that I compose a note to my dad that could possibly help in his way of looking at his life and help him to walk an upgraded path of Love. This letter is meant for not only my father, More