Our Physical Shell ( the body )

Hi to all!!! as it has been a while since I posted a personal discourse to my site.  I have been busy with “life” as of late and today I was instructed to write to myself and to all that read this.  Recently, I experienced a departure of a dear friend of mine…crossed over to the other side.  As I pondered the how comes and why her and why NOW ??? in came the wonderful I AM voice to explain to me and my confusion of her leaving now.

I AM:  why do you even question her departure dear one ?  You all have predestined your departure and as hard as it is for you to comprehend this, you will one day make sense of it all.  Each soul travels with their mission/lessons that they came to your earth to experience and you each will either complete them fully while in your physical-ness or cross over to continue your mission from that dimension.  She did not leave without knowing that what she left behind in the physical world, her loved ones of family and friends would not be cared for from their souls awareness and the love to carry on for her sake.

Me:  I just don’t understand why she would leave with having a daughter so young, who would find it difficult to move forward without her…how can I make sense of that?

I AM:  It is not for you to make sense of dear one…it is for her daughter and her mother to work on together.  Even tho the mother is not here in her physical form, she can still work with her daughters soul thru her dreams, thru people who can help her make sense of it all..her mother will guide the right people to come into her daughters life and help her along the path of existence..  You all have been taught to only believe in the physical form as a way to communicate ALIVENESS, when in fact there is even more to communication without seeing with your eyes..  One day your telepathy will expose itself to you..

Me:  What is telepathy mean?

I AM:  It is a way to use your inner ear (hearts feeling center) to talk and listen to spirits.  Like you do with me dear one.

Me:  I know that I do practice sharpening this wonderful tool/gift, but I wanted you to give the reader a better understanding of it.  Like how do you use your telepathy ?

I AM:  Take a moment to sit quiet, take some deep breathes and then allow yourself to visualize or if you cannot visualize then intend that you will be talking with whomever you wish to communicate with.  The one error I find with most of you is that you THINK when you hear your voice talking back at you that this is YOU or your EGO talking and it just does not make sense and you dismiss being able to practice this way of communicating to the unseen characters…KNOW that this is for REAL and they all await for each of you to awaken to this Truth of communicating with them.

Me:  Why do we even come here with a physical body?

I AM:  You come here to experience “matter” in its solid form…why ?  because what a treat to be able to feel emotions, to experience taste…your souls want “adventure” and this is one way they can experience it, thru the human vessel.  Once they are complete with what it is they came here for, they disperse themselves from the shell (body) and come back home…to rest….they may also choose to possibly come back to earth to finish what they could not master while they were there or they can go onto another  dimensional way of living.

Me:  I guess life as we know it….is a bigger UNDERSTANDING and the mystery will always be alive in us!!!  Thank you I AM !  Love you so so much!!! 🙂


As I sit back to review what I just heard and wrote, my conclusion is that what Devorah was teaching me was not to give her a label of leaving this world with having “cancer” . I know in my heart that she was here to give love and service to as many people that she could thru her words, acts and profession. I am blessed to have known her and to have spent moments in life with her.

She also taught me that it is not only what purity of food or water you put into your body that keeps you living in longevity, but how do we process our emotions that would spring up upon us, fear, anger, resentment that can disturb our souls journey thru life..we must find a way to forgive ourselves and others for harboring these emotions and to know in our hearts that life is precious in every moment of breath and to harbor any emotion that does not fill our hearts with JOY, can only cause us to practice fear as our way of life. Fear then becomes our Master and God/Love is on the back burner. Today and always I shall choose God/Love as my MASTER and dismiss fear thots that want to sneak into my consciousness and steer me into another direction..

I pray that when we decide to leave this planet, we will leave happy and with no disharmony within our souls !!

I love you Devo.. you will always be eternal in my heart..


As I watch people that I know transition from their bodies, I ask myself , where do we go ?  Why do we leave ?  Why can’t we just live on and on ?

Voice:  You all are no more than energy in form..  So, when your soul is ready to experience something else more, it chooses to leave..sometimes, the soul leaves without a trace of illness and then there are others that linger on this dimension with a dis-ease so that their loves ones and themselves (physical self) can hang onto the LOVE they feel for each other.

My dear one, the transitioning phase is one of wonder for the soul, but one of loss for the ones left behind…please help yourselves by allowing to KNOW in your hearts that you will see each other again..in another time ,another space.  Where you go is one of great joy and happiness and all that surrounds you is peace-full-ness, play-full-ness and lots of LOVE !!!  You will be able to see each other in a new set of eyes and a new beginning.

You do live on and on ….if you believe in this..it’s your choice.  Departure is nothing more than departing from one dimension and moving into another…  Learn about the dimensions of time and all your answers will be fullfilled.

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂


Our Animals Transition

Our Animals Transition

Did it ever occur to you that our animals as they age and are ready to move on, that they show us signs of being ready to go…like for instance, they either quit eating, start loosing their memory or their bowels become uncontrollable.

Just when does one know when to help them make the transition…are these signs from them telling us “please help me move on”… Somehow we have been given the capabilities to help our animal friends, companions move on….so what or why do we hold on to them ?

Why, because we are afraid of not having their physical presence around us anymore…well, I and many others are witnessing our animals leaving their bodies and going into the other world…how I know this, is because they show us signs of perkiness, like they are young again.. and then when they come back to us they go back to their sickly selves…they just want us to pay attention to them and they will show you that when they are set free they will be YOUNG again and not in any pain…so please help them and help your selves to loose any guilt feelings you may harbor for making the decision to “set them free”.