Butterfly Effect

I had a innerwork assignment from the I AM Presence that made me question why I had to look up what was meant by the butterfly effect…So off I went to my computer to  google what this meant and this is what I found:

Can the simple flutter of a butterfly’s wings change the world forever? If you’re a believer in the butterfly effect, the answer is indeed yes.

The notion of the butterfly effect states that a seemingly minor event can create ripples that ultimately trigger an outcome of far larger proportions.

It’s known as the butterfly effect based on More

Do we Live on After Death ?

You all know that I AM a writer who obtains my information, my discourses from my God-Self. Well, today as I was pondering the question about Life after Death, I could not help but wonder if this is even possible. My outer senses tell me NO, but when i posed the question to my Higher Self, this is what i heard:

Voice: This my dear one can be only for the Heart of each individual to awaken to either now or after they leave their shell (your body). I can tell you tho that your trees of nature can give  you this answer. Do you ever wonder where the souls to your trees go when all their leaves drop and you think they are dead trees ? They go back to their Source to rejuvinate and start to re-enter their bodies (trunks) in your so called springtime season. At times they come back prettier and healthier, other times they come back starting off healthy and then seem to create a dis-ease. They too come back with new experiences to feel the differences of lifes feelings.

So what you are saying is that we as humans die and our spark of light (soul) leaves our bodies goes back to our Creator to rejuvinate and then come back to experience another type of life?

Voice: Yes ! This is the Universal law of Energy in Motion, your energy. I am sure somewhere your scientist have measured the humans weight before they die and then after they die..they seem to be lighter…(smile).

One more question, I have seen trees that stay dead and it’s not from any human made reason, such as fires, chemical spraying, etc. They just plain old are dead ! What is your take on this ?

Voice: These are the souls that have completed their cycles of life here on your earthly plain, but they do still live on in another dimension. No different with your human life on the planet Earth. To put it simply, whenever you have a de ja vue experience, maybe you should wonder about this Life after Death scenario:)

New Y-ear, New Be-Ginnings

As we enter the New Y-ear of 2012 there is much talk that this will be a year of great new Be-Ginnings.  I go within to request guidance as to what are our great New Be-Ginnings and what makes this year any different than any other year ?


Voice:  Well  first of all, thank you for your time you spend connecting to YOU..  We marvel at everyones perception of what this year will be for you and most of humanity and we tell you that YOU each and everyone of you is what makes this year different from the others.  Your planet is at a time and place that she is tired of the riff-raff that the negative dark energies that have been placed upon her and she is “cleaning up” both her insides and her outside shell.  No one who practicing anything other than “Love” will stay upon her beauty..and one should open up their hearts and believe it or not their EARS to feel and hear the calling of her shift.  You each are apart of her magnificent design and you each play a role in helping her to “clean up”.  You ask how, well clean up your thots and your outlook on life !  If you can go about each day and marvel at the creations of life, yours and natures, you will see that giving yourselfs this gift of marveling and raising your thots to one of great positiveness, you help her to do the same.  it’s when one goes through their life thinking that this is all to life and walks around with doom/gloom, then in their world they will attract doom/gloom..this is the law of attraction..  We cannot emphasize  enough that to use logic to all is no longer a must to survive…it is a MUST to use LOVE to all choices you encounter and to know that each choice will bring you closer to a New Earth.  A Earth that will sparkle with Joy and Happiness because you exude it from within !

This all sounds all well and good, but there is so much talk of Government wanting to take over and control US in every facet of living.  How can we change this ?

Voice:  Change your thots and get off your rumps and create the changes you want to see come forward…Again, if your choice is backed up by LOVE for you and the all, then this cannot happen and will not happen!!!  It’s all in your perception as to what “control” means to you.  You were not designed to be weak beings of light..YOU are the Light of Greatness and you are given great strength to shake the normalcy of Government and not be controled by their Fear tactics…Step up my dear ones and listen and question anything that does not make your heart sing..Do not fear going up against Government as they are no different than you..they are people who think they have the power because you have given them this power by not challenging their wrong doings.  If the more of you could wake up to who you are as a Unit, then you become the Government and they become YOU.. the only difference would be Your Governance will be backed by LOVE and they would end up working with you verses fighting against you… LOVE conquers all !!

So, go about this New Y-ear practicing your strength of Love and becoming the Be-ings that change the Earth back to her original blue print..Be Love and Be Peace 🙂

Duality vs God Cousiousness

You know voice, i am starting to wonder what all the hype is about one leaving or living in duality verses God Cousiousness…Why must we need to even concern ourselves with one or the other ?  I seem to have been doing ok before all this global spreading of this took hold of our consiousness… Can you explain to me if this is something I should be concerned with ?

Voice:  My dearest child of the universe…YES, you must concern yourself with this…as you are here to experience either living in old energy of low vibrations, such as Anger, Doubt, Fear, Hate, Greed and any of your words that donot make your heart vibrate (sing) with Joy…The reason for the global mass of bringing into your consiousness the God(Love) Cousiousness is so that you may start to live a life of Joy, Happiness…LOVE…  You can choose to go between the two energies (duality or Love) and play with the vibrations of both…Ultimately, YOU as the creators of ALL, will know which vibration makes you walk tall and fly high…It’s time to come out of your hypnotic state of living in the low energies and create the world you want to surround you.  You have this power to do this.. and no ONE can remove this from you, unless you fall to their density.  Put yourselves there now..think, talk and walk with brightness and you will exude this to all that come into your presence..You become and carry the Christ Consiousness.  Stay lifted as often as you can and know that there will be times that your energy will come back to the low vibrations, because after all you are in human form and that this is OK…feel it …and then SWITCH on the GOD SWITCH…one must have discipline and the will to walk one day with only the higher vibration !!

With love in our hearts and a twinke in our eyes, the voice 🙂