Needing Others

I often wonder, why is it that anyone needs anyone to exist ?  Can we travel our path alone without another human being ever being present.  I put these questions to the little voice in my head…

My dearest one with all this curiousity lirking in your thot process…each and every human, animal, insect, the trees, the ocean water, the breeze and much more are all apart of YOU….YOU are the creator of all that surrounds you…it takes your eyes and ears to bring all of this into existence…without seeing, you would not perceive, without hearing, you would not understand…  when one encounters or brings another human-being into their circle of life…it is an extention of yourself…you bring in these people to learn all about YOURSELF….what you see as a fault in another, is a fault in you…what you find loving and admirable in another, you will also find this qualitiy in yourself…  You see my dear one, without other humans surrounding you, you would not get to experience the biggest and grandest feelingS of all, FORGIVNESS, TRUST, FAITH,  GIVING, and LOVE.

We are not saying that being A-Lone does not have its place…but really you are never alone…we are always there listening and feeling your hearts…you may not see us, but you feel us…for this we are very grateful !!!!

Needing others, is really needing yourself ….thank every human that crosses your path, as they are there to help you see the bigger picture of YOU…

With love in our hearts and a twinkle in our eyes, the little voice in your head 🙂