Stories Keep Us in Suffering



I really and truly would like to understand if I even need to create a story in order to be happy and peaceful.  I mean what or who are we as a species…why does everyone have to suffer at times in their life?  Suffering for me comes at times in small ways and then there are times that it comes in a huge wave of emotion!  My dear I AM can you help to understand what my innerheart is trying to convey here?

I AM:  Awe, your title says it all my dear one!  Once you begin to get a feeling for the many ways your thots and stories keep you in suffering, you’ve actually started to tap into something that has a much greater significance.

Me:  In what way?

I AM:  You can use your thots and stories to widen your view of life.  Any way that you make a construct out of life , any way that you come to conclusions in your mind about “what is” or “what was” or “what will be”, you are narrowing your experience of life.  These are all ways of which you argue with life..

Me:  Lost me there I AM!! Why do you calls this arguing with life?  Are we not suppose to understand who we are in this game of life by questioning the what is, what was or what will be?

I AM:  Any time you argue with what was, what is or what will be, you limit your ability to experience the vastness of who you are.  There’s no way around it.  It doesn’t matter what happened, or how cruel someone was, or how unfair something was.  It may have been all of those things and the pain may be very deep and real, but when you have a mental resistance, when you say something should or should have not happened, you are arguing with life.  You lose every single time…..and suffering wins!

Me:  Then how do we conduct ourselves in a way that can always keep us centered in calmness and still be able to speak our truth?

I AM:  Do you really have a truth  to speak dear one?  I hear so many on your planet say this is “my truth” all you really have our stories that your mind has decided to be the “truth”.  Why is it you cannot just be open minded about all and just accept all “as is” ? 

Me:  I am open minded…I am not following you…

I AM:  When your minds start to open, you are no longer in a constant state of evaluation and judgment.  Naturally, then your senses open and you can really see what is before you.  Your eyes open in different ways , your hearing opens in a different way, your emotions open , your hearts open to all of existence.  Open-mindedness allows you to embrace the nature of your experience.  This does not mean you have to like every experience that you have.  There are experiences (stories) that are painful; there are experiences that are unpleasant.  Open-Mindedness doesn’t mean that you’re opening to just the good parts of life; it means you’re opening to everything.  This my dear one is when you discover a type of inner still-ness, an inner stability, that vast unchanging expanse that is at the heart of everything.  You see dear ones, your “stories” are what you base your life on.  We suggest, to every story that you find to be of disharmony to you and cause you some sort of suffering, that you change your perspective on how the story is being told. 

Me:  So what I am hearing is that Life is just a story and if the story is not harmonious then change the story? 

I Am:  No, don’t change the story…allow the story to be…but, don’t allow the story to define YOU>>>>> All your stories really are preprogrammed from birth..what you saw and felt from your environment..parents,, teachers …other children,…society…We say, ”  learn to be in the stillness of all and truly listen and feel “who you are!” 🙂




Is Imagination a form of creation ?

I begin my thots today with “imagination”, is it really a form of creation?  If so, how does it work ?  Why don’t we know to use it as an adult?  I play with imagination once mostly when I am with my grand daughter and it’s funny that I teach her to use it, but I don’t use it for myself…so, I pose my thots of curiosity to my I AM presence.  Are you there ??

I AM:  I see you have a lot of curious thots my dear one about what you call “imagination” and I will do my very best to help you understand how it works and maybe then you will use it more 🙂  All of creation began with imagination and shall end with imagination!  Is it a live force within each and everyone of you ? YES it is…This word imagination starts with you putting an “image” in your thot process and thereby the image will take on life..the one that focuses more on their image the formation of life starts to unfold.  Life of imagination is “energy in circulation” and knowing energy in your world can manifest into a material reality, why would you not want to use your imagination more?

Me:  I was taught that imagination is only a play thing you do for fun and that it really does not create’s a non reality…

I AM:  Pashaw!!! It is real and valid…most of your creations of todays technology began in someones imagination, did it not?  Practice using your imagination daily dear one and then tell me if it is not real…what can you tell me now that is an imagination that you would like to create ?

Me:  I would love to wake up every day and feel and see crispness in the viewing of life.  I imagine that  as I am outdoors I see all the trees with beauty of each leaf upon the tree..i see the colors vivid in their green shades.  I see all the birds with clarity and I can understand their language.  I imagine that I go about each day with no concept of time and that each day is filled with lots of joy and playfulness!  I imagine that everyone on the planet is happy and that they want for nothing, as they have all that they need and more.  I imagine that my body is strong, energetically balanced and has the power of the universe flowing thru it !! I imagine that I have no age limitations and that my inner body vibrates as that of a healthy child.  I imagine that all I desire, such as spending however long I would like to at a home on the beach is POSSIBLE and that I don’t have to bring work to afford it… I imagine that I am abundantly affluent with money to do with as I please…to give to those that lack it..

I AM:  You see my dear one, YOU have imagination galore!!!  I want you to practice seeing all of this daily..the practice of writing it down as you did is a very powerful tool that helps to expedite imagination to be used more often and to therefore materialize into form that is tangible for you to see .  this is not wishful thinking…this is real and to believe that it is, is the “secret” that has been blocked from your memory banks…NOW is the time to use it and to help others to use it more as well.  The more that your species uses it for the betterment of the whole, the sooner you ALL can partake in the fruits of life !!! 🙂

Me:  You are the best !  I am so thankful that we had this chat because if I teach my grandchild to use her imagination, then I am pulling it from a deep knowing that it is real right?

I AM:  Exactly !!!   Have fun and please check in with me again …as I cannot wait to read your “ahas” along with others reading them as well…I of course, will see and experience right with you because I AM you!!!!! Love to your heart and it’s good to see you back at writing.

How to release core Issues

Boy or boy do I have an issue that shows up regularly and today it hit me in the FACE.!!  The issue at hand is one I have stored within me that is showing up today with the help of my grand-daughter.  Long story short, when I was in my early 30’s of age, I had a terrible event occur whereby my daughter of 9 years old under went brain surgery for a blood clot she developed falling off of her bicycle…Being a struggling mother with having to work, I had just started a new job and my little one after her fall complained and cried with her head hurting, etc.  My choice of having my husband, her step-father take her to the hospital the next morning (instinct) saved her life !!!  Today, I realize that I sit with FEAR that this role can re-manifest itself with my grand-daughter , I realized that I need to do something to change this inner FEAR and dialogue I have with any episode that my little grand-daughter may experiencing or really anyone close to me..But HOW do you do this ??? Please help me hear I AM…

I AM:    FIrst of all my dear one, YOU are doing something to change this reality..How, you ask, by bringing this inner awareness out and onto the table for review.  Your “guilt” and “fear” of this timeframe of occurrence is in the past and is GONE, but the residue lingers in your matrix…  May we suggest that the HOW to change this is by first, bringing it to your awareness table and then realizing that each and everyone of you come in with your own lessons/and or experiences to learn from.. By you worrying that this may occur with your grand-daughter is NOT for you to put into your matrix…we tell you this because what YOU bring in by “thot” which is energy can create this dis-harmony.

Me:  I understand this but, I feel that my choice of putting my career first and my daughter second was not a good choice and I just don’t want to see my grand-daughter be second in line when it comes to her well-being.

I AM:  Your grand-daughter is of a higher order!  Please do not lower your vibration into believing that the worse can happen…ALWAYS keep your space of a higher order by maintaining Love flowing thru you and to her.  What she or anyone close to you feels or sees while you lower your vibration to fear is just that and YOU pass this onto them.  They in turn will lower their vibration especially if yours is so overly powerful !!  Remember, you all come in with your SOULS wanting to experience all things.. There is no good or bad, there just IS.. 

Blessed Are We?


Me:  Do you ever wonder what it means to be blessed to or to give someone a blessing.  Well, I do.  I am always blessing or wishing blessing upon another, but just what is a blessing or being blessed mean?


I AM Voice:  For you to come to me for your answer is a blessing !!!!! Why, you ask; well anyone that turns within to hear the higher truth of anything is a gift they give to themselves, a blessing.  We say that a blessing is the wonderful Love energy that each of you hold within and you can pull from your hearts and place it upon yourselves or another.  Jesus walked the planet with exuding his energy of Love to others and they would take it and plant it within them.  His blessings uplifted and healed those who would come to him. 


Me:  Do we have the gift or the right to bless another?  Does our blessing upon another help them in any way?


I AM Voice:  Absolutely it does!  You were made in the image and you have the same blood that ran thru his veins…You too possess the gift and the right to pass BLESSINGS onto others and to yourself as well.  When you place or wish a Blessing of Love upon another, you are not only healing their soul, but you are healing yourself as well!  Bless your hearts at all times, as THE HEART is a living vital force that thinks and feels on its own.  We remind you that not only the outer self of your beings soak up the energy of blessings, but all your vital organs and cells within wait for their blessings from YOU too!!

With this being said, we wish you a blessed day !

Me:  I too send you great blessings of Love and thank you for your words!


Be Still and Know you are…

Be Still and Know you are MORE than your outer self ! 🙂


Mirror Mirror of Me

I go about my days with bringing into my life circle people…People who I connect with and then there are those I walk away wondering why am I with them or having them around me ?  I went under the oak tree to hear the answer to this question.


Voice:  My dearest child of wonder, these people are just mirrors of you..You looking or listening to you !!! YOu came here to learn about yourself and you all are nothing more than pure light energy beings !! So when you attract someone into your energy field, you are asking them to help you grow your consiousness.

Well, my dear voice, I sometimes do not like to be around some of them as they make me feel weird, off balance…

You being or feeling off balance is only due to you not aligning your energies…you are allowing your glow of light to overflow into their field, when in fact you should keep your energy right with YOU..You ask, how do you do this ?  Keep your mind and heart with YOU and listen as they speak and do not allow yourself to go outside of youself…this is when you become off balance.  Don’t try to talk while they are speaking or don’t try to guess how to answer something they are speaking about…just listen ….

It’s when you ‘drift” off while the other is speaking that you allow your energies to seep into their fields and vice versa.  One must learn how to stay connected to their hearts while in the presence of another..

We say that all your encounters are Mirrors of Yourself…Love them, play with KNOWING that you are working towards brightening your God Light more and more as the moments go by..

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our heart, the voice 🙂

Who is Right and Who is Wrong ?

Do you ever wonder why we must blame another for our existence not being so good or even when it is good, is it because of this person or that person ?  I often wonder why we should even label what is right or wrong and where did we pick up the notion that this is wrong or right ?  My dear voice can you help me out here in decifering these questions ?

Voice:     My dear one right or wrong is just a thot process that each and everyone of you experience because of your upbringing…why must you even feel that there is ever anything wrong ?  Anything or anyone that helps you to see how you label “wrong”  is helping you to change it to a “right”.  You ask how can this be done, we say by just realizing that you can create everything and everyone around you to be RIGHT by the way you perceive the person or situation…”Change the way you think and the people and places around you will change ! ” 

Can you give me an example as to how I would go about this change the way you think process ?

Let’s say that you blame a person for being stuborn and very negative in their thots and words, why don’t you instead analyze yourself through- out your daily actions and see if there is a time that you are stuborn or negative in what you have to say or do….even to yourself you may say things or think things that are negative….well guess what ?  By having this pattern in yourself, you will attract another to be this way as well…It’s all about ENERGY…you my dear one along with the all of  the humans are nothing more than an energy machine…so what you put out, you get back !!!  So if you want more happiness or people who surround you to be more POSITIVE, you must practice this YOURSELF !!!  it is very simple, but no one wants to take the time to look at themselves…it’s much easier to blame another..  You all make living so complicated when in fact you should look to each day to see what you can change about YOU !!!

To us there is no Right or Wrong.  We look at all situations with a positive side to it..  We see these moments as oportunities and lessons that helps us to sharpen our skills of ourselves .

With a twinkle in our eyes and love in our hearts, the voice 🙂


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