Birth of the New Born

Hi my wonderful readers!  Yes, it has been a while since I have posted anything, but today my 4 year old granddaughter asked her mother ” Mommy, how did the first baby come to Earth without having a mother and father?”   So my beautiful I AM Presence, since you have directed me here to write this post, I shall turn over the writing to you.  Would you please enlighten us on the answer to this question?

I AM:  Absolutely ….you see little one you will grow up to possibly hear that the first child to be born to the Earth was thru a woman named Mary.  This woman gave birth to a child without a father in the physical form…but a father that is your father in a world bigger than your imagination will allow you to go right now.  This power which I will call God is a great energy that can be called upon with belief in your heart to bring forth whatever your desire may be.

Me:  Are you saying that Mary called upon God to give her a child and like a magic seed ….it grew inside her to become a child of hers?

I AM:  Yes!

Me:  Well then, why is it woman of the earth today cannot conceive a child by just asking God to help her body to produce a child within her body?

I AM:   Your “belief” has been  altered .  Your race was hence forth programmed to believe that a male species was needed in order to help you and all of nature to produce offsprings.

Me: Why was it altered?

I AM:  It was part of the dark forces agenda to remove your Powers as a One.  To this day, they have very much kept this belief instilled in the ALL.

Me:  Again, I ask why?

I AM:  Control my dear one…to be able to control the population.

Me:  This is not fair to US!  Can we change this pattern of belief ?

I AM:  Absolutely!  Woman are doing it all the time and so are the creatures of Nature.  The male species only assist the female by releasing his divine light energy onto the womans egg.  This is done to imprint the offspring with the males characteristics as well as the mothers.  You have only been brainwashed into thinking that the male is needed, but in fact HE is not.  Couples should start to understand their major role that they are playing when it is time to create or bring forth their imprints.  Woman CAN begin to bear children on their own, but they must have the BELIEF AND THE DESIRE to do so!

Me:  This is too much for my brain to comprehend and totally against what we were taught that about the act of creation to be.

I AM:  Yes my dear it is…for this we are truly sorry for the mis-information that has been bestowed upon humanity about this topic.  Your granddaughter is a very wise and bright Soul of the Future…and it just may be SHE that will reveal the truth too this question!!

Me:  Is this why we were taught or imbreaded into our consciousness with a touch or hint of a virgin mother ?

I AM:  YES….the days ahead will unfold the TRUTH…the light made sure to put this “code” into your books and KNEW that one day in the future time…”Curiousity” of your granddaughters question shall be asked amongst many children of your future.  As they are the ONES to help your kind survive onward 🙂

Me:  Wow!!! this is something for me to meditate on and I am sure many to ponder….Not sure …..that they will believe this post…Thank you I AM…as always, very grateful to connect with you!  I love you..

I AM:  As I love you my dear one…   I AM also very grateful that you have allowed your physical self to sit down and write this for all to see..

Why does Mommy have to work?

Child:  I miss my mommy when she goes to work.  Even though I spend time with my Daddy, I still miss my mommy when she goes.  I AM , “why does my mommy have to work?”

I AM Presence:  I know that this saddens your heart little one and as it should, but you live in a world where mommies and daddies alike work to provide food, clothing and housing for you. Their work brings in what you call money and this money pays for all sorts of items.   To help comfort yourself while the two of you are apart, I want you to think of your heart being with hers while she is away.  Before mommy walks out the door to go to work, just put your hand on your heart and your other hand on mommies heart and tell her, ” I love you Mommy”  kiss her good bye and the two of you will be in each others hearts while you apart.  You won’t even know she is gone little one.  You can even talk to her in your head sending her messages of how you are doing…she will hear you and talk back to you..

Child:  How will she hear me?

I AM Presence:  She will feel your heart talking to her and you will feel her heart talking back to you.  Your heart will feel excited with joy and you will feel calm.

Child:  I feel better now, thank you I AM !

I AM Presence:  Always remember this little task and remember dear one, I AM always with you too !  I will  keep you happy and loved until mommy gets home 🙂

Mommy will you get old?

I spent my morning at the dentist, talking with a young mother who has two little boys, one 5 and another 6.  I told her that I was writing a series of children books and the format is in questions that the children of young ask and the higher aspects of myself or them which I call ; the I AM Presence will answer with a higher wisdom.  We proceeded to talk and one of the questions that her 6 year old ask with tears in his eyes, “Mommy will you get old ?”

I AM Presence:  This is so far from the “truth” of you aging!!  You never get old unless you “allow” yourselves too!!!  Let me explain why your people even begin to age, first of all, you have been taught that as you mature in age, you will eventually leave the planet, which you call “dying”.  The best way for me to explain this process is like this, you come out of your mothers belly after sitting in a cocoon for 9 months and once you breathe your first breath you have begun to come to life on the outside world.

On your journey of life, you go about listening, talking, laughing, crying, crawling, walking, jumping and many other experiences.. you are like a butterfly flying from flower to flower…only you are going from experience to experience.  Once you have gone through all that you came here to experience, you transform like a butterfly back into a seed, the butterfly goes back to a catepillar…and guess what my little one, you will go back into another mommies belly and come back as someone new.  You will see your mother again, but this time she may be your father, brother, sister or even a grandparent.  Your youngness is always within you …Do not look at Mommies body as getting old, look at your Mommies heart as getting YOUNG…keep her laughing and smiling at you and she will always stay YOUNG!!!

So you see little one don’t cry, as your Mommy will always be around you in some way shape and form..:)

I wish leaves could talk

My granddaughter Aliyah,  who is 3 years old loves to paint.. I have introduced her to my hobby of painting dead leaves and bring them back to life.  As we sat on the back porch and began our art creation, we chose to paint a leaf..  As Aliyah was painting she  makes a comment, ” I wish leaves could talk.”  I sat there pondering how to respond to her comment when you guessed it, the I AM Presence just popped in and began to speak to her.

I AM Presence:  They do speak my dear little one.. can’t you hear them talking to you?  All things speak  and only you can speak for the leaf.  In your imagination and in your being there is a connection you can create with the leaf.

Aliyah:  How ?

I AM Presence:  Well you look lovingly at the leaf and ask it to speak to you.  Wait a few seconds and then you will hear its voice talk to you.  Try it..  What would you want the leaf to tell you Aliyah?

Aliyah:  Ok, I will look at the leaf and see what it will tell me.  “Hi leaf,  can you talk to me?”  I don’t hear anything…oh wait, it’s saying “Hi back to me!”  and and it’s saying thank you for picking me up from the ground and making me pretty…I love when you take the time to notice me lying on the ground and you pick me up and take me home!! I just love it!!! and I love you Aliyah..”

I AM Presence:  There you go my little light of wonder!  Once you have made this connection you can talk to just about anything on your planet that you would think can’t talk to you.

Aliyah:  Can a dog or cat or even a lizard talk to me?

I AM Presence:  Why sure they can !  Do as I told you and always be loving to the creature and listen to their voice in your head.  The voice may sound like you talking to you, but it’s not, it is the creatures voice whispering into your ears 🙂

Aliyah :  thank you I AM..I love you…..

Time Out to Time-In

Child: I AM I need help in understanding why my mommy and/or my daddy put me in “time-out”. Sometimes when I am doing something that my mom/dad don’t seem to care for me doing, they  tell me to go to my room . This makes me cry and I don’t understand..Please help me ..

IAM Presence:  My dear special person, there are times that your parents do not know how to make you understand that the behavior that you are putting out is not acceptable because it may either hurt you or someone else.  I know as a young soul you want to experience and do all things or say things that you either hear someone else say or you do things that you may of saw another do…just because you see another do or say something does not make it a correct way to your parents MUST find a way for you to understand a better way of handling a situation.  We strongly recommend that parents use the words “Time-In” when they send you to your room..

Child:  Why?

IAM Presence:  As you go and sit and cry in your room or wherever you are told to go and sit, it is a time for you to reflect on going within (time-in) your thots and re-playing the lesson that your parents are trying for you to understand.  For example lets say your Mommy asked you to stop yelling and you don’t stop…you keep on yelling your pretty little head off…sounds like fun for you…to just make noice…doesn’t it?  Your Mommy asked you again to “stop” and you still keep doing it…so Mommy sends you to your room for a Time-In.. You are probably wondering “what did I do wrong?” I was just practicing making my voice loud ?”   Well you see my little one, the sound you put out of your mouth can hurt your mommy or daddys ears or maybe they need to be talking to someone else and with your loudness their hearing gets lost and they can’t hear the other person speaking.  There is a time to be quiet and a time to make your loud noise…therefore, going within (time-in) and understanding that your act was not right for the moment and you will better understand to listen when asked not to do it  again…

In time you will learn what your elders require in order to keep harmony amongst your family and avoid the “time-In” routine 🙂

child: Thank you I AM…I will do my best to do as I am told and to learn the reason for being sent to my room.

IAM Presence:  Very good my little one and also, when you are not sure why you were sent to your room after being in there crying and trying to understand “why”., when you are told to come back out of you room, you can always ask for a better understanding of why you were sent in there..and your mommy or daddy will explain it to you.  May I remind you, this is not a debate with your parents as to who is right or wrong, so please stay quiet and listen to what your parent is telling you…You don’t want to have to go back into your room, do you now ? 🙂

Remember, I AM always here to help also with the greater understanding of you lesson…

With love in my heart little one and great-fullness, stay Happy and Loving..

Why do I Have to go to school?

I will begin by saying that I am hearing a new inner voice of a child speaking to with this being said, I will proceed in my writings as if I were the child asking the questions coming forth to be addressed by my I AM Presence.  This morning the question of “why do I have to go to school?” popped into my thots and with this thot came the voice of the Higher wisdom to answer this 🙂

I AM Presence:  Welcome my little child of clarity and curiosity!  Your question is one that really needs for me to help you openly understand that school on your planet is so different than how we would love for you to be taught.  In either way, going to school is one that helps you to uplift your skills of wonderment.  You are here in this time to learn about yourself and going to school will help you to be with other children of your age and to interact with them .  You will learn how your energies of emotions will take you from all different levels of feelings…from laughter, shyness to times of stubbornness or being angry…remember little one, all of these are ok to “feel” but you must remember to not allow them to over rule you…

child:  what do you mean over rule me?

I AM Presence:  Awe so sorry little one…sometimes my words our big for your understanding..  What I mean is to laugh when you feel you want to laugh, to be shy if you feel that you are afraid of being laughed at, to be mad or sad if another child does something that makes you feel this, but DO NOT let yourself hold onto these feelings and make them your way of life…Really the best feelings to always have is LOVE and LAUGHTER!

child:  Will I feel all of these feelings when I go to school ?

I AM Presence:  It is very possible that you will my little one, but it is OK…just call upon your imaginary SELF to help you get thru any feelings that do not feel right to you.  Your imaginary SELF is the bigger part of you that you cannot see, but you talk to all the time…I will give you an example:  Lets say a classmate takes a toy away from you while you are playing with it…just pulls it out of your hands and causes your feelings to go from happy to  a feeling of getting mad….now, you don’t want to stay mad at him/her because this feeling will make your little body not feel well inside…so, call on your imaginary BIG SELF asking her/him to help you to do the right thing or say the right thing to this classmate that just did this.  My dear little one, I will assure you that you will get help right away and you will be happy again 🙂

child:  Thank you for talking with me ..I have one more question, can I call on you if I need help ?

I AM Presence:  Absolutely my child , absolutely….just call out by saying “I AM” I need your help…

I am With great LOVE in my heart and great-full-ness to have you come forth and be apart of the teachings of Yourself 🙂