I AM, a being no different than any other..the only difference is that I have been given the awarness from a young age to hear and speak to the “unknown” force from within..

Thank you for visiting this Universal Blog, whereby myself  dialogues and receives answers to questions that I and numerous others ask, through my Higher SELF…

I am honored to be able to tap into my higher consiousness and deliver to you, the reader, undeniably answers that are simple but may be complex to apply to your life. We came in with so many programs (not ours) usually given to us by our parents, teachers and/or peers, that we have lost track of our true SELF, our Essence. We were taught by religion to FEAR, when in fact our true nature is one of Joy and Love. One must take time to allow themselves to be their own RELIGION and learn to connect with your true partner of you, your God Self. Also known as your Higher Self or Source

I deliver to you discourses that may broaden your mind, your consciousness and allow you to truly walk a path of GOD. I was once told in my talks with my Higher Self that God is; G.iving O.urselves D.ivinity. Naturally when I heard this, i had to re-think and re-think it for its’s true meaning. Upon my overstanding of the phrase, I got it !!!!! Since we all have a spark of Gods energy within us, we should by all means Give Ourselves Divinity. This honors God 🙂
I present-ly operate as a Doctor of Divinity and Have been ordained as a Reverend. In a previous life I was a Spiritual Counselor and serviced many with higher truths.

May we all one day find the inner calmness of our being and then reflect it out into the world !!!

Thank you all for being many facets of MY-self and helping me to re-create or shall I say bring forward my true divine blue print of myself. God Bless YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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