Cycles of Life

It has come to a time in my life that my parents have come to a cycle in their lives that they have created with alot of lows in their emotions.

I sit before you higher SELF to ask why they have chosen or did life choose them to be in their lack of lust for life. They sit in worries and bodily pains and neither will listen to lifting out of this state. They are dead before dying!! Please help me to understand how to view their state with a better understanding and compassion for helping them to live each day with a smile with a laugh*****

Higher Self: Awe my Angel, human life can have cycles of highs and lows and
as you progress in your phases you have been brain washed into believing that as you age you take on ill health. Do you choose how you want your life span to be you ask?
YES, you first must connect internally with God on a daily basis and be grateful for each and every aspect of your life and even the life of a bird an insect so on and so on.

Some humans have such a strong imprint of their parents suffering that they unconsciously have taken on their imprint and made it theirs. It is planted deep into their cellular structure.

Me: How do I help them to remove this imprint?

Higher Self: You cannot help them to remove this imprint, they must seek it on their own. What I can lovingly suggest you can do for them, you and your future generations is to observe the patterns that you see before you…from your grandparents to your parents and wake up to realizing how the “imprints” are so strong and the key ingredient for helping your futures is to “choose” to be the observer of their actions, their words but DO NOT become emotionally attached to their phases or cycles. When you allow yourself to become emotionally attached you are opening up every memory cell to its vulnerable state.

Me: What do you mean I am opening up my cells to a vulnerable state? I never heard of this..

Higher Self: Your cells are alive with life and they can hear and feel all sorts of emotions and they keep them stored within their fibers to help you in times of need*** a memory recall of sorts***

Me: But, if I only become an observer does this make me emotionless to their feelings of hurt of pain, etc.? I do not want to be cold.

Higher Self:
To be an observer is to be the witness of energy***you all are made up of pure energy. When you turn on a light does the light greet you with happiness or sadness with any kind of emotion ? No, it is just there giving you light energy. We suggest that you do the same***you give your parents or anyone for that matter, your LOVE energy. It is not being cold if you greet someone who is experiencing any disharmony with LOVE without giving them a solution on how to help them lift out of their imprint. Love energy does it all for them? LOVE energy can take a negative energy source and convert it to a positive energy source.

Me: Just how do I be just LOVE if my father is in pain or my mother cries out of fear or frustration of not being able to take her environment anymore and she continues to say she is “tired”! Shouldn’t I at least come up with some sort of plan of relief for either one of them?

Higher Self: Yes! You put LOVE in your eyes and Love in your touch and you lovingly listen to them and stroke their body with the love that will flow out your fingertips and into their being. This action will help them to overcome any situation****remember dear one—–they chose this life and all one can do is help them through it. You cannot control their destiny BUT you can control how you will LOVE them thru it : )

Me: Thank you so much for helping me mentally align with this! I am always so filled with gratefulness and LOVE for your energy jumping in to HELP me : )

Higher Self:
Dearest of Love, we are always a thot away! We as well find great joy in helping you lift your consciousness. When you lift—you help so many others lift. Thank you Teenka : )