Change Your Static IP Address

It has been almost two years since I have had deep contemplation of any sorts…or even the need to go tap in with my I AM to receive any higher wisdom….BUT…….today it has come upon me to receive once again clarity on a situation.

So off I went to walk and talk with I AM….: )

Me:  Hello there I AM… has been a  long time of not giving you any guidance questions ..BUT today I hear the calling to speak to you…My situation is this….I always seem to get irritated with someone in my life….when they come into my space….I sense their uneasiness and I sense that they will not find anything joyful to say or do to keep me at a state that I practice daily to maintain.  They have their problems with life written on their sleeves for me to feel…I am not greeted with a smile or a hug….just a tired look of distress or a feeling of ……I don’t have time for you…deep sigh…….

I AM:  I giggle dear one at your irritation…Have you changed your Static IP address lately?

Me:  I’m happy I could bring you a little laughter!  I like this….What does changing my static IP Address have to do with anything?  Isn’t that for computer related type stuff?

I AM:  In a sense yes, but you humans operate just like a computer.  You take in programs through your eyes and ears and then you vocalize them.  This is Your “Individual PrintIP..and how you address your life at times seems to have some static in it…The static is there because your individual print still operates at an old program.  Sure you have changed your thots and try to create new energies to flow in a more positive manner in your life, BUT you have not changed the core of your I.P .to be one of LOVE….you have this little chip that remains on your hard drive that comes from FEAR.

Me:  Can you explain that a little more to me please…because I thot I did come from a space of LOVE…

I AM:  Dear one …if you did come from an internal place of LOVE then you would not find irritations in anyone…when you begin to recognize your human frailties, then you can annul an destroy them by expressing love, rather than the frailty.  Sometimes this is hard to do because you have such narrow habits of LOVE.  You must truly know that everyone that comes into your existence is your mirror of what you are projecting at a deeper level using the Individual Print/chip of FEAR…So, change your IP to address all situations with a LOVE mind…Conquer the thots that want to tell you that this is wrong ….that this may cause that person or child to behave or learn in an awful way …I have told you dear one numerous times….what you FEAR the most will always come to fruition….BUT if you operate with what you LOVE to see or happen the most…then THIS will become your new Grounded IP Address..

Me:  ok I understand the analogy…I really do….then why do I convert at times backwards to the chip of FEAR?

I AM: are not acting as a soul made up of Love Energy Only…Start by loving yourself a little more..Do not condemn yourself.  Do not judge this outward evidence as the state of inner growth.  You are all here to help your Souls break free from a backstage rookie and NOW your souls are wanting to be on the stage as the main character…so to speak..  Take each new day with me as your partner…just ask me to be your guidance before you begin the day…if you see yourself being pulled to go with old programs….take a deep breathe……..and ask me to help you see or come from an angle of LOVE THOTS..

Me:  Gosh I AM…I love you so much!!!!!!  Thank you again for helping me to have clarity on this situation..

I AM:  I thank you and love you so much ….Even tho it has been a while since you sat down to write…we talk daily you and I…….when you practice your morning rituals…I am there with YOU>>>ALWAYS and in ALL Ways….