Stories Keep Us in Suffering



I really and truly would like to understand if I even need to create a story in order to be happy and peaceful.  I mean what or who are we as a species…why does everyone have to suffer at times in their life?  Suffering for me comes at times in small ways and then there are times that it comes in a huge wave of emotion!  My dear I AM can you help to understand what my innerheart is trying to convey here?

I AM:  Awe, your title says it all my dear one!  Once you begin to get a feeling for the many ways your thots and stories keep you in suffering, you’ve actually started to tap into something that has a much greater significance.

Me:  In what way?

I AM:  You can use your thots and stories to widen your view of life.  Any way that you make a construct out of life , any way that you come to conclusions in your mind about “what is” or “what was” or “what will be”, you are narrowing your experience of life.  These are all ways of which you argue with life..

Me:  Lost me there I AM!! Why do you calls this arguing with life?  Are we not suppose to understand who we are in this game of life by questioning the what is, what was or what will be?

I AM:  Any time you argue with what was, what is or what will be, you limit your ability to experience the vastness of who you are.  There’s no way around it.  It doesn’t matter what happened, or how cruel someone was, or how unfair something was.  It may have been all of those things and the pain may be very deep and real, but when you have a mental resistance, when you say something should or should have not happened, you are arguing with life.  You lose every single time…..and suffering wins!

Me:  Then how do we conduct ourselves in a way that can always keep us centered in calmness and still be able to speak our truth?

I AM:  Do you really have a truth  to speak dear one?  I hear so many on your planet say this is “my truth” all you really have our stories that your mind has decided to be the “truth”.  Why is it you cannot just be open minded about all and just accept all “as is” ? 

Me:  I am open minded…I am not following you…

I AM:  When your minds start to open, you are no longer in a constant state of evaluation and judgment.  Naturally, then your senses open and you can really see what is before you.  Your eyes open in different ways , your hearing opens in a different way, your emotions open , your hearts open to all of existence.  Open-mindedness allows you to embrace the nature of your experience.  This does not mean you have to like every experience that you have.  There are experiences (stories) that are painful; there are experiences that are unpleasant.  Open-Mindedness doesn’t mean that you’re opening to just the good parts of life; it means you’re opening to everything.  This my dear one is when you discover a type of inner still-ness, an inner stability, that vast unchanging expanse that is at the heart of everything.  You see dear ones, your “stories” are what you base your life on.  We suggest, to every story that you find to be of disharmony to you and cause you some sort of suffering, that you change your perspective on how the story is being told. 

Me:  So what I am hearing is that Life is just a story and if the story is not harmonious then change the story? 

I Am:  No, don’t change the story…allow the story to be…but, don’t allow the story to define YOU>>>>> All your stories really are preprogrammed from birth..what you saw and felt from your environment..parents,, teachers …other children,…society…We say, ”  learn to be in the stillness of all and truly listen and feel “who you are!” 🙂