Is Imagination a form of creation ?

I begin my thots today with “imagination”, is it really a form of creation?  If so, how does it work ?  Why don’t we know to use it as an adult?  I play with imagination once mostly when I am with my grand daughter and it’s funny that I teach her to use it, but I don’t use it for myself…so, I pose my thots of curiosity to my I AM presence.  Are you there ??

I AM:  I see you have a lot of curious thots my dear one about what you call “imagination” and I will do my very best to help you understand how it works and maybe then you will use it more 🙂  All of creation began with imagination and shall end with imagination!  Is it a live force within each and everyone of you ? YES it is…This word imagination starts with you putting an “image” in your thot process and thereby the image will take on life..the one that focuses more on their image the formation of life starts to unfold.  Life of imagination is “energy in circulation” and knowing energy in your world can manifest into a material reality, why would you not want to use your imagination more?

Me:  I was taught that imagination is only a play thing you do for fun and that it really does not create’s a non reality…

I AM:  Pashaw!!! It is real and valid…most of your creations of todays technology began in someones imagination, did it not?  Practice using your imagination daily dear one and then tell me if it is not real…what can you tell me now that is an imagination that you would like to create ?

Me:  I would love to wake up every day and feel and see crispness in the viewing of life.  I imagine that  as I am outdoors I see all the trees with beauty of each leaf upon the tree..i see the colors vivid in their green shades.  I see all the birds with clarity and I can understand their language.  I imagine that I go about each day with no concept of time and that each day is filled with lots of joy and playfulness!  I imagine that everyone on the planet is happy and that they want for nothing, as they have all that they need and more.  I imagine that my body is strong, energetically balanced and has the power of the universe flowing thru it !! I imagine that I have no age limitations and that my inner body vibrates as that of a healthy child.  I imagine that all I desire, such as spending however long I would like to at a home on the beach is POSSIBLE and that I don’t have to bring work to afford it… I imagine that I am abundantly affluent with money to do with as I please…to give to those that lack it..

I AM:  You see my dear one, YOU have imagination galore!!!  I want you to practice seeing all of this daily..the practice of writing it down as you did is a very powerful tool that helps to expedite imagination to be used more often and to therefore materialize into form that is tangible for you to see .  this is not wishful thinking…this is real and to believe that it is, is the “secret” that has been blocked from your memory banks…NOW is the time to use it and to help others to use it more as well.  The more that your species uses it for the betterment of the whole, the sooner you ALL can partake in the fruits of life !!! 🙂

Me:  You are the best !  I am so thankful that we had this chat because if I teach my grandchild to use her imagination, then I am pulling it from a deep knowing that it is real right?

I AM:  Exactly !!!   Have fun and please check in with me again …as I cannot wait to read your “ahas” along with others reading them as well…I of course, will see and experience right with you because I AM you!!!!! Love to your heart and it’s good to see you back at writing.