Why does Mommy have to work?

Child:  I miss my mommy when she goes to work.  Even though I spend time with my Daddy, I still miss my mommy when she goes.  I AM , “why does my mommy have to work?”

I AM Presence:  I know that this saddens your heart little one and as it should, but you live in a world where mommies and daddies alike work to provide food, clothing and housing for you. Their work brings in what you call money and this money pays for all sorts of items.   To help comfort yourself while the two of you are apart, I want you to think of your heart being with hers while she is away.  Before mommy walks out the door to go to work, just put your hand on your heart and your other hand on mommies heart and tell her, ” I love you Mommy”  kiss her good bye and the two of you will be in each others hearts while you apart.  You won’t even know she is gone little one.  You can even talk to her in your head sending her messages of how you are doing…she will hear you and talk back to you..

Child:  How will she hear me?

I AM Presence:  She will feel your heart talking to her and you will feel her heart talking back to you.  Your heart will feel excited with joy and you will feel calm.

Child:  I feel better now, thank you I AM !

I AM Presence:  Always remember this little task and remember dear one, I AM always with you too !  I will  keep you happy and loved until mommy gets home 🙂

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elasa1212
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 23:09:37

    Ok I’m crying now. ….thankful

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    • posithot
      Sep 12, 2013 @ 14:09:11

      I AM is helping to teach the children a new way of looking at all things!! I am very honored to be assigned the task to help our children and YOU my big child 🙂 Mommies are the BEST !!! Love you and thank you for sharing your comment 🙂


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