Mommy will you get old?

I spent my morning at the dentist, talking with a young mother who has two little boys, one 5 and another 6.  I told her that I was writing a series of children books and the format is in questions that the children of young ask and the higher aspects of myself or them which I call ; the I AM Presence will answer with a higher wisdom.  We proceeded to talk and one of the questions that her 6 year old ask with tears in his eyes, “Mommy will you get old ?”

I AM Presence:  This is so far from the “truth” of you aging!!  You never get old unless you “allow” yourselves too!!!  Let me explain why your people even begin to age, first of all, you have been taught that as you mature in age, you will eventually leave the planet, which you call “dying”.  The best way for me to explain this process is like this, you come out of your mothers belly after sitting in a cocoon for 9 months and once you breathe your first breath you have begun to come to life on the outside world.

On your journey of life, you go about listening, talking, laughing, crying, crawling, walking, jumping and many other experiences.. you are like a butterfly flying from flower to flower…only you are going from experience to experience.  Once you have gone through all that you came here to experience, you transform like a butterfly back into a seed, the butterfly goes back to a catepillar…and guess what my little one, you will go back into another mommies belly and come back as someone new.  You will see your mother again, but this time she may be your father, brother, sister or even a grandparent.  Your youngness is always within you …Do not look at Mommies body as getting old, look at your Mommies heart as getting YOUNG…keep her laughing and smiling at you and she will always stay YOUNG!!!

So you see little one don’t cry, as your Mommy will always be around you in some way shape and form..:)


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  1. elijah pollard
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 21:09:12

    thank you 🙂


  2. Lori
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 22:25:29



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