I wish leaves could talk

My granddaughter Aliyah,  who is 3 years old loves to paint.. I have introduced her to my hobby of painting dead leaves and bring them back to life.  As we sat on the back porch and began our art creation, we chose to paint a leaf..  As Aliyah was painting she  makes a comment, ” I wish leaves could talk.”  I sat there pondering how to respond to her comment when you guessed it, the I AM Presence just popped in and began to speak to her.

I AM Presence:  They do speak my dear little one.. can’t you hear them talking to you?  All things speak  and only you can speak for the leaf.  In your imagination and in your being there is a connection you can create with the leaf.

Aliyah:  How ?

I AM Presence:  Well you look lovingly at the leaf and ask it to speak to you.  Wait a few seconds and then you will hear its voice talk to you.  Try it..  What would you want the leaf to tell you Aliyah?

Aliyah:  Ok, I will look at the leaf and see what it will tell me.  “Hi leaf,  can you talk to me?”  I don’t hear anything…oh wait, it’s saying “Hi back to me!”  and and it’s saying thank you for picking me up from the ground and making me pretty…I love when you take the time to notice me lying on the ground and you pick me up and take me home!! I just love it!!! and I love you Aliyah..”

I AM Presence:  There you go my little light of wonder!  Once you have made this connection you can talk to just about anything on your planet that you would think can’t talk to you.

Aliyah:  Can a dog or cat or even a lizard talk to me?

I AM Presence:  Why sure they can !  Do as I told you and always be loving to the creature and listen to their voice in your head.  The voice may sound like you talking to you, but it’s not, it is the creatures voice whispering into your ears 🙂

Aliyah :  thank you I AM..I love you…..


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  1. elijah pollard
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 14:19:09


    thank you 🙂


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