Why do I Have to go to school?

I will begin by saying that I am hearing a new inner voice of a child speaking to me..so with this being said, I will proceed in my writings as if I were the child asking the questions coming forth to be addressed by my I AM Presence.  This morning the question of “why do I have to go to school?” popped into my thots and with this thot came the voice of the Higher wisdom to answer this 🙂

I AM Presence:  Welcome my little child of clarity and curiosity!  Your question is one that really needs for me to help you openly understand that school on your planet is so different than how we would love for you to be taught.  In either way, going to school is one that helps you to uplift your skills of wonderment.  You are here in this time to learn about yourself and going to school will help you to be with other children of your age and to interact with them .  You will learn how your energies of emotions will take you from all different levels of feelings…from laughter, shyness to times of stubbornness or being angry…remember little one, all of these are ok to “feel” but you must remember to not allow them to over rule you…

child:  what do you mean over rule me?

I AM Presence:  Awe so sorry little one…sometimes my words our big for your understanding..  What I mean is to laugh when you feel you want to laugh, to be shy if you feel that you are afraid of being laughed at, to be mad or sad if another child does something that makes you feel this, but DO NOT let yourself hold onto these feelings and make them your way of life…Really the best feelings to always have is LOVE and LAUGHTER!

child:  Will I feel all of these feelings when I go to school ?

I AM Presence:  It is very possible that you will my little one, but it is OK…just call upon your imaginary SELF to help you get thru any feelings that do not feel right to you.  Your imaginary SELF is the bigger part of you that you cannot see, but you talk to all the time…I will give you an example:  Lets say a classmate takes a toy away from you while you are playing with it…just pulls it out of your hands and causes your feelings to go from happy to  a feeling of getting mad….now, you don’t want to stay mad at him/her because this feeling will make your little body not feel well inside…so, call on your imaginary BIG SELF asking her/him to help you to do the right thing or say the right thing to this classmate that just did this.  My dear little one, I will assure you that you will get help right away and you will be happy again 🙂

child:  Thank you for talking with me ..I have one more question, can I call on you if I need help ?

I AM Presence:  Absolutely my child , absolutely….just call out by saying “I AM” I need your help…

I am With great LOVE in my heart and great-full-ness to have you come forth and be apart of the teachings of Yourself 🙂


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  1. elijah pollard
    Sep 04, 2013 @ 14:50:15

    thank you 🙂


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