Time Out to Time-In

Child: I AM I need help in understanding why my mommy and/or my daddy put me in “time-out”. Sometimes when I am doing something that my mom/dad don’t seem to care for me doing, they  tell me to go to my room . This makes me cry and I don’t understand..Please help me ..

IAM Presence:  My dear special person, there are times that your parents do not know how to make you understand that the behavior that you are putting out is not acceptable because it may either hurt you or someone else.  I know as a young soul you want to experience and do all things or say things that you either hear someone else say or you do things that you may of saw another do…just because you see another do or say something does not make it a correct way to act..so your parents MUST find a way for you to understand a better way of handling a situation.  We strongly recommend that parents use the words “Time-In” when they send you to your room..

Child:  Why?

IAM Presence:  As you go and sit and cry in your room or wherever you are told to go and sit, it is a time for you to reflect on going within (time-in) your thots and re-playing the lesson that your parents are trying for you to understand.  For example lets say your Mommy asked you to stop yelling and you don’t stop…you keep on yelling your pretty little head off…sounds like fun for you…to just make noice…doesn’t it?  Your Mommy asked you again to “stop” and you still keep doing it…so Mommy sends you to your room for a Time-In.. You are probably wondering “what did I do wrong?” I was just practicing making my voice loud ?”   Well you see my little one, the sound you put out of your mouth can hurt your mommy or daddys ears or maybe they need to be talking to someone else and with your loudness their hearing gets lost and they can’t hear the other person speaking.  There is a time to be quiet and a time to make your loud noise…therefore, going within (time-in) and understanding that your act was not right for the moment and you will better understand to listen when asked not to do it  again…

In time you will learn what your elders require in order to keep harmony amongst your family and avoid the “time-In” routine 🙂

child: Thank you I AM…I will do my best to do as I am told and to learn the reason for being sent to my room.

IAM Presence:  Very good my little one and also, when you are not sure why you were sent to your room after being in there crying and trying to understand “why”., when you are told to come back out of you room, you can always ask for a better understanding of why you were sent in there..and your mommy or daddy will explain it to you.  May I remind you, this is not a debate with your parents as to who is right or wrong, so please stay quiet and listen to what your parent is telling you…You don’t want to have to go back into your room, do you now ? 🙂

Remember, I AM always here to help also with the greater understanding of you lesson…

With love in my heart little one and great-fullness, stay Happy and Loving..


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  1. elijah pollard
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 14:14:35

    thank you 🙂


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