The Gift to You and the You-niverse

As I sit in stillness and ask spirit to guide me in wisdom not only for my benefit but for the all, I hear the voice loud and clear say the word,” GIFT”.  I proceeded to ask, “what about gift..This is what the I AM presented to me::

I AM:  My dear soul, GIFT yourself thru the giving to the Earth ( Gaia) many human souls walk around with their energies being depleted and wondering why..First of all, we would want to say that when one engages their soul with their Mother- Earth and help to nourish her with love, then in return her energy vibrates thru you and the YOU-niverse.

Me:  Can you elaborate on that more for me please.

I AM:  Sure, so many neglect to put their heart and soul (hands) into the matrix of the earth..Each of you have a plot of land that you stand upon whether you own/rent and yet you do not spend time out on the land with your bodies or hands touching her..When you dig up the soil by either planting seeds or pulling what you call weeds, you are actually loving yourself…as the Earth is a part of YOU!!  You are not separate from her..without her you would not be here..  We see that you do so much inner work/outer work to make yourselves whole, but the biggest WORK one can do is to work the body of the land that you are on.  Each seed you plant is a seed of your future growth…each weed you pull is the part of YOU that does not serve you anymore…Each day one should be out on their land doing something to help their growth…You can never walk the earth with your wholeness until you see the Earth as your wholeness..

Me:  You mean I cannot be whole without being out there doing something to balance the energies of my land ?

I AM:  YES !! We love the way you stated that, “balancing the energies”…  It is precisely that ….when you move this around , pull weeds or plant this flower/tree, you are balancing your chakras…  I ask you to spend a day out in your plot of land clearing areas that seem congested to you..Before you begin take a mental note of how you are feeling energetically …once you have done that go pull the weeds and plant the trees or flowers…water the land….and when you are complete take note of how your energy feels now…….Do you not feel an inner balance and sense of  ah as to the way you feel ?  This is because your LOVE went into the Earth and she has given it back to you thru body/senses..

Me:  You know I have experienced exactly as you have mentioned when I have done this ….I have not been doing anything to the plot of land that I have been gifted with..I always let my husband do this…

I AM:  It is time that you too feel the JOY that your husband feels when he is out there Loving himself/Earth…Not only do you strengthen your relationship with your Mother Earth, but with all relationships that you encounter with other beings !!!

This my dear one is the greatest of GIFTS you can give to YOU and the YOU-niverse… amount of inner work or outer work can be complete without your gratitude to the land… Her energy is full-filled when each of you take responsibility to help her raise her vibration..she in return will bless you with a great healing…called LOVE and GRATITUDE back at  YOU 🙂

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