The Gift to You and the You-niverse

As I sit in stillness and ask spirit to guide me in wisdom not only for my benefit but for the all, I hear the voice loud and clear say the word,” GIFT”.  I proceeded to ask, “what about gift..This is what the I AM presented to me::

I AM:  My dear soul, GIFT yourself thru the giving to the Earth ( Gaia) many human souls walk around with their energies being depleted and wondering why..First of all, we would want to say that when one engages their soul with their Mother- Earth and help to nourish her with love, then in return her energy vibrates thru you and the YOU-niverse.

Me:  Can you elaborate on that more for me please.

I AM:  Sure, so many neglect to put their heart and soul (hands) into the matrix of the earth..Each of you have a plot of land that you stand upon whether you own/rent and yet you do not spend time out on the land with your bodies or hands touching her..When you dig up the soil More