No Excuses NOW..

As I sit and ponder the thots of the whys and hows to work on brings me to the ultimate question, what for ??? Why can’t we just except what our life has to offer, as “as is” sort of status ? I mean we really come here to take in all that life has to offer, don’t we ?

I AM: Wow…lots of questions floating in your thot process! Where shall I begin…let’s see, how about there is “NO Excuses” for not working on yourself. To find the true YOU and not the you that someone else has built thru your DNA is quite an experience. We suggest that to do GROWTH, it is a team effort…What team you ask, the team that you came in with..Did you know that not only do you have a physical team (family/friends) that you were born in to, but you also have a team that works with you in other dimensions. You are not any of your physical team, they are team players that came to this reality to help you grow to the true YOU, which is LOVE and LIGHT..

To go thru your life existence as a solo character, is impossible…Every character you bring into your existence is a mirror of YOU..this is down to the mail courier, the grocery store clerk, even the animals that you find yourself attracted to…If you don’t care too much for the mirror, then we suggest to alter the mirrors image by changing aspects of Yourself!!

Me: But why do I need to do this? Why can’t I just remove the image of what I am mirroring back at me by just walking away from the person, place or thing ?

I AM: Because my sweet girl of wonder, you will only attract the same wherever you go or whomever you meet again… To ultimately walk with your Source as your power, you walk with Love !! and we have already explained to you in other writings that all of you are Light particles of GOd. Why would anyone make excuses for not wanting to BE their true Self ? Seek ME and you will find your way of Truth..I AM in all beings at all times. Take time to connect and ask to be given your growth lessons…There is nothing more pleasing and enjoyable to see you light up and lift off to YOU…Just don’t forget to Live, Love and Laugh while you are in the process. Blessing be to you dear one and all that read your writings 🙂