How to release core Issues

Boy or boy do I have an issue that shows up regularly and today it hit me in the FACE.!!  The issue at hand is one I have stored within me that is showing up today with the help of my grand-daughter.  Long story short, when I was in my early 30’s of age, I had a terrible event occur whereby my daughter of 9 years old under went brain surgery for a blood clot she developed falling off of her bicycle…Being a struggling mother with having to work, I had just started a new job and my little one after her fall complained and cried with her head hurting, etc.  My choice of having my husband, her step-father take her to the hospital the next morning (instinct) saved her life !!!  Today, I realize that I sit with FEAR that this role can re-manifest itself with my grand-daughter , I realized that I need to do something to change this inner FEAR and dialogue I have with any episode that my little grand-daughter may experiencing or really anyone close to me..But HOW do you do this ??? Please help me hear I AM…

I AM:    FIrst of all my dear one, YOU are doing something to change this reality..How, you ask, by bringing this inner awareness out and onto the table for review.  Your “guilt” and “fear” of this timeframe of occurrence is in the past and is GONE, but the residue lingers in your matrix…  May we suggest that the HOW to change this is by first, bringing it to your awareness table and then realizing that each and everyone of you come in with your own lessons/and or experiences to learn from.. By you worrying that this may occur with your grand-daughter is NOT for you to put into your matrix…we tell you this because what YOU bring in by “thot” which is energy can create this dis-harmony.

Me:  I understand this but, I feel that my choice of putting my career first and my daughter second was not a good choice and I just don’t want to see my grand-daughter be second in line when it comes to her well-being.

I AM:  Your grand-daughter is of a higher order!  Please do not lower your vibration into believing that the worse can happen…ALWAYS keep your space of a higher order by maintaining Love flowing thru you and to her.  What she or anyone close to you feels or sees while you lower your vibration to fear is just that and YOU pass this onto them.  They in turn will lower their vibration especially if yours is so overly powerful !!  Remember, you all come in with your SOULS wanting to experience all things.. There is no good or bad, there just IS..