I Love Money

I know the title of “I Love Money” will raise some eyebrows, as I am sure that this statement was taught to us to be a boso no no.  The other day while walking, I told my sister and my husband that I want to be RICH with money that is.. Boy, did i get a rash of this or that about that statement.  I questioned even myself when I made this statement, is it ok to love money and really want to be wealthy and not just settle for “contentment”?

I AM:  Dearness of heart…it is quite OK to love money !  After all, this is your means of exchange for what you do on your planet…why not love it ?  One must go deeper with where did you obtain the notion of not wanting to be RICH to be a sinful thot…You all were programmed from way back when, down to even your ancestors that “Money is the root of all Evils.”  We ask you, who put this statement out into the Universe that it has become a part of your deep cellular memory ?

They were taught by the controlling institutions
of the past that money was evil and wrong and that it was good to be poor and
meek. Yet the very churches that taught them this were self adorned in riches.
Guess where they got these riches?
From the congregation. They programmed them
that money was bad, so they would be encouraged to give it away to
the institutions that were more than willing to take it.
By giving their money to the church it made them feel like
they were ‘good and spiritual people’.
What an absolutely CLEVER propaganda!
Can you see where you may have picked up some of the notions that
poor is spiritual? No judgment on the churches it was
all just part of the experience collecting adventure you all are on. But the
vibration of lack is no longer the experience you are here to collect.
So, we say Love your Money, just like you say I love a flower…Let the vibration match that statement as there is no difference.  The only difference is your BELIEF that the want of MONEY is bad…change this “belief” NOW, so that you can become RICH !!!
Me:  Thank you I AM for the clarity of this issue and all I can say is,
         I LOVE MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. elijah pollard
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 18:59:51

    thank you Kay!


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