Butterfly Effect

I had a innerwork assignment from the I AM Presence that made me question why I had to look up what was meant by the butterfly effect…So off I went to my computer to  google what this meant and this is what I found:

Can the simple flutter of a butterfly’s wings change the world forever? If you’re a believer in the butterfly effect, the answer is indeed yes.

The notion of the butterfly effect states that a seemingly minor event can create ripples that ultimately trigger an outcome of far larger proportions.

It’s known as the butterfly effect based on the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the earth can create a tornado on the other side..

Me: Ok, this is all well and good and I sense that you have a good reason for me to look this up..right?

I AM:  YES !!!  what does the flapping of the butterflies wings cause in the air ?  VIBRATIONS….and what do YOU create when you speak WORDS or THOTS ? Yes, you guessed it, Vibrations..Now we cannot emphasize it enough how all of you who put out words or thots of a lower vibration and I do not need to tell you what words or thots do this, as you all KNOW very well what resonates with goodness and which ones do not..you cause these vibrations to spread out collectively into the Universe..the more you say or think for instance, “I am just getting by”, you send this out to all and they start to utilise this lower vibration and hence…YOU are just getting by…why not say, ” I have all that I need and more is on its way!”  How does this vibrate within you when you say it?  It matters NOT that you believe it or not…what matters is that each and everyone of you that start to upgrade your words and thots (vibrations) , that YOU change the vibration that is so needed by our Earth Mother…SHE is trying to uplift herself and each and everyone of YOU play a major role in her/ your Ascension!!!  Be mindful in your words and thots, as this is all we wish for your JOY in life to be ..just that.. JOY……it all starts with YOU dear ones…Can you be the ones to change the world?   You bet you can!!!

Me:  Wow…this I know you had me write a while back about Vibrations, but the Butterfly Effect helped me to put it into perspective and it really makes me see how our words/thots are the wings of a Butterfly 🙂  thank you…..


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  1. elijah pollard
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 16:17:31

    thank you :))))))))))


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