The Diamond

Well this story is long overdue, but hey sometimes it takes me months to figure out what the I AM Presence was relaying to me.  It was several months ago that I was on my morning meditational walk/run.  Now, if my memory serves me correctly it was a “great-full-ness” walk..pretty much all my walks these days are found to be in gratitude and while I was walking a pretty brisk walk, my eye caught the glimmer of something on the ground.  No thot to even explore what it was, but the voice within said loud and clear, “turn around and pick up what is glimmering.”  So, i did as instructed and low and behold, it was a “diamond” stone!  I would say it was 3 carats in its size.  You could imagine my excitement and my mind began to race maybe this is a real diamond, worth lots of money…boy this would answer some of my financial woes!!!  I mean to tell you this diamond was so brilliant in its clarity…As i pondered the meaning of finding this, i hurried home to show it to my husband.  He thot, hey let me go to a jeweler and see if its he went and upon his return, it was a NO to the was a cubic zirconia stone.  I was dissapointed, but it did not was still pretty…so I stuck it on my window seal where the sun could hit it with its glory and i can enjoy the sparkle that it put off..  Well, a couple of days ago on my walk, I hear the I AM voice approach me with this message:

I AM:  First of all my dear one, the diamond is YOU and this is all that matters!  You do not need to have someone tell you that it is not…unless of course you were wanting something of material value.  The only value that exist is YOU…nothing else can replace who you are and who many of you are..You all are DIAMONDS!!  Did you know that the more facets/cuts a diamond has the more its brilliance.  Well, this is who you are …one with many errors made, decisions delayed, negative dramas, joyous reunions and so on.  each of these are considered facets/cuts in your self.  The more you have the more your light shines..just like a DIAMOND!!!  You are an infinite radiant KNOW this and always keep your light glowing ..from where I AM looking upon all, I see each and every hu-man soul ready to come thru and shine.  Be great-full for all your niches and joys in life..stay away from illusions and go with the REAL you…the Diamond…:)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lori
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 20:07:27

    WOW! It makes one ponder the meaning of the Diamond.
    U my friend are the brightest diamond I know!


  2. elijah pollard
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 21:10:06

    thank you 🙂


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