Physician Heal Thyself

Hi my wonderful readers !!  I have been instructed to post another I AM message that came in strong for me and I hope it will help you too.  I have been experiencing some tooth/gum situations of late and was concerned as to whether I will be needing to pull this certain tooth in my mouth…I heard the message come over strongly from my I AM Presence ….Physician Heal Thyself!!!!  So, I went within and asked I AM..just what do I do for healing myself ?

I AM:  Sweet teacher and student, YOU/I have the capabilities to heal thyself!  YOU ask me how, well I have heard your callings asking God to heal your teeth/gums and I ask you, why do you address God as someone out there?  You see my dear one, you are all God particles and we say to you when addressing your Higher SELF, instead of asking God/out there to heal this or that, why not pose your request in this manner:

“God come heal YOUR teeth and gums that lie within this physical vessel .”  God loves to be addressed as YOU…NO MORE addressing your God Self aS someone or something out there !!!  Do you understand ?

Me:  Yes yes…I totally understand!

Note:  After hearing this message I went within a couple of days ago and did as I was told and today, my tooth/gum are almost back to normal!!!   I hope this helps you too and would love to hear from anyone that may have begun this process on themselves and have had the miracle of co-creation take place. 🙂


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  1. elijah pollard
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 23:49:06

    interesting in part because I’ve been concerned @ my gums & teeth lately too

    so many of these seems to connect very close to home

    much gratitude 😀



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