Digesting OneNess

Yesterday I posted a message from my I AM Presence that I was told to get out there about Forgiveness and OneNess.  It has taken and is still taking me time to digest the principle of OneNess and how you/I see what it means by OneNess.  So, I remove myself now and ask that my I AM come forth and give us all a better explanation as to its meanings.

I AM:  Thank you my dear one for removing yourself from your artwork to sit down and allow US to explain Forgiveness of the self and others and how it relates to OneNess.  We know it is hard for your minds to comprehend NEW ways of looking at people, places and things , but we tell you that you all have a KNOWing of what I am about to speak of and yet your intellect/Ego will convince you otherwise.

You see my dear one and all of you that read this post, you have been several labels, the begger, the stealer, the hater, the jealous one, the killer, the rapist and on and on.  So, we ask you how can you not FORGIVE another for the role they came in to experience and learn by or possibly to help another to learn by their acts ?  Just because the little you cannot remember being any of these characters does not mean it is not so.  YOU HAVE !  We place no judgement on any of these labels as to us they are just that LABELS.  What really matters is the understanding on how YOU can be a part of OneNess and really understand its meaning.  When we tell you to forgive yourselves for any act that is not of your liking, whether you are a jealous person or another is jealous of you doing this or that, then FORGIVE just YOU and you have forgiven yourself and the other.  You both are ONE.  The other person is a particle of YOU coming forth to show you a role that you played before in time and is here now to be released and forgiven.  We hope that you can digest this information and go within and connect to God and ask to be shown how this may be possible.  You are always loved and made in perfection of the ONE!

Me:  Thank you my dearest I AM and I will do my best to digest all that you have given me …but I am not sure if I were to speak this Truth with another if they will find this to be true.

I AM:  In time my dear one all will understand this Truth and we do not expect your old ways of viewing life to go away in a blink of an eye..but we do wish that you would not limit your thinking process, as you are all limitless Beings in many different ways 🙂


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