I Love Money

I know the title of “I Love Money” will raise some eyebrows, as I am sure that this statement was taught to us to be a boso no no.  The other day while walking, I told my sister and my husband that I want to be RICH with money that is.. Boy, did i get a rash of this or that about that statement.  I questioned even myself when I made this statement, is it ok to love money and really want to be wealthy and not just settle for “contentment”?

I AM:  Dearness of heart…it is quite OK to love money !  After all, this is your means of More

Butterfly Effect

I had a innerwork assignment from the I AM Presence that made me question why I had to look up what was meant by the butterfly effect…So off I went to my computer to  google what this meant and this is what I found:

Can the simple flutter of a butterfly’s wings change the world forever? If you’re a believer in the butterfly effect, the answer is indeed yes.

The notion of the butterfly effect states that a seemingly minor event can create ripples that ultimately trigger an outcome of far larger proportions.

It’s known as the butterfly effect based on More

The Diamond

Well this story is long overdue, but hey sometimes it takes me months to figure out what the I AM Presence was relaying to me.  It was several months ago that I was on my morning meditational walk/run.  Now, if my memory serves me correctly it was a “great-full-ness” walk..pretty much all my walks these days are found to be in gratitude and while I was walking a pretty brisk walk, my eye caught the glimmer of something on the ground.  No thot to even explore what it was, but the voice within said loud and clear, “turn around and pick up what is glimmering.”  So, More

Physician Heal Thyself

Hi my wonderful readers !!  I have been instructed to post another I AM message that came in strong for me and I hope it will help you too.  I have been experiencing some tooth/gum situations of late and was concerned as to whether I will be needing to pull this certain tooth in my mouth…I heard the message come over strongly from my I AM Presence ….Physician Heal Thyself!!!!  So, More

Digesting OneNess

Yesterday I posted a message from my I AM Presence that I was told to get out there about Forgiveness and OneNess.  It has taken and is still taking me time to digest the principle of OneNess and how you/I see what it means by OneNess.  So, More


To truly acknowledge ONENESS and
practice it, when looking to forgive,
you must only
forgive yourself..

As you forgive yourself, you are
forgiving all those that placed
harm against you or you against another..


You are all ONE 🙂