I just came home from visiting my parents and my father is experiencing some times of physical pain. Now he is at a young age of 70 + and I thot that I would go within and talk to my God self and ask that I compose a note to my dad that could possibly help in his way of looking at his life and help him to walk an upgraded path of Love. This letter is meant for not only my father, but for us all and I hope that it brings you the reader comfort and a new beginning at your healing of what ever your are going thru..

Dad, I do feel your fustrations with all that you are feeling…and I wish I had a wand to make the pains “disappear”!! All I can relay to you from God within is that you, me and all came here to experience “choices” so that we may grow ourselves spiritually and get closer to our God. None of your doings from the past hurt anyone but YOU and it is time to truly forgive yourself…and I mean forgive !! To forgive, is to not even allow the memories of what you “think” you did wrong effect you emotionally !!! If you bring up the memories and you still have tears of sadness, then you have not forgiven yourself !! Jesus came here to teach us forgiveness…as he always forgives us no matter what we may do that we feel was wrong, but it is US who do not forgive ourselves…Until we can learn what we were truly taught by Jesus, “we must forgive ourselves before we can truly forgive another”…then the remainder of your/our time on the planet will be a task to behold.

Learn it now and release all guilt, fear or anger at anything that is not serving you in a joyful way…We have forgotten who we truly are and now is the time to remember..
Dad, you are a loving and nurturing Man..a man that brings Joy to all that he touches and speaks to..this is who YOU are and this is who I see when I am in your presence.. I see nothing of a Man who did any wrong in his life…nothing !!!! I see a man who made choices that he liked and some he did not…a see a man who thru the unfavorable choices he made, I see him now at peace with who he is today …yesterday was experienced and gone. Today is all we have…this moment …so let us be grateful for all of our “choices” (the good/bad) that have brought us to a point in our lives that we are closer to our true Self/God.

So, I want you to tell yourself as often as necessary, internally to yourself or out loud:
“I love you and I truly forgive you and thank you for my lessons.”
And then you will see that magic occur !!!!! your healing..:)


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