Short Note from God :)

Good day to say “Hi” and “thank you” to our Source-God…Went for my daily walk and connection to my I AM presence and I was instructed to put out a little, but big message.

I AM Presence: First of all my special lady, “Thank You” for helping everyone to know and feel the truth of who they are. I want to say to all, that why Look outside of yourself, whether it be in a book or going to church to hear a sermon in order to connect with ME ? I am in each and everyone of you and I await connection daily from you!! Did you ever wonder who gives you your breathe ? Wonder no more !! KNOW that I AM always by your side and inside of you…I know your heart and you all come from please talk to me as often as you can…I am there for both the good times and times of not so good. I don’t need hours of devotion, a minute to me is an eternity…Stay joy-full as this is who you are !!! Do not ALLOW the outside world to be your world…It is NOT !!! Your world starts from within yourselves and exudes to make your outside world..I am there to help you begin each day with joy and laughter and abundance of all sorts..

Just ask ME….Love to all of your hearts..the Great I AM 🙂

Below is a wonderful video I found that gives you a visual of the words spoken to me above.


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