G.iving O.urselves D.ivinity

Years ago I sat in wonder of who or what is God and just how do we get to know this force in our life. With my inner connection of the I AM , the question was asked..

I AM Presence: Silly girl…you and each soul has God within them…a particle of this force exist in all things !! Who do you think that you connect to when you connect to me?

Me: Not sure, some unseen force out there or in me.

I AM Presence: This unseen force is you speaking to your God-Self..You see the great master Jesus, said that you all were made in the image of God…well, when you connect with you inner self, you are connecting to God. Jesus was able to do many wonderful things as he knew the secret of connecting to God and being God. You were also taught that you can do just as Jesus did and more…

Me: Well how is this accomplished?

I AM Presence: It is called: “Believing” in your heart that you KNOW that you are partners with God and “desiring” this partnership with your Source! You see dear one, when you were in wonder about this years ago, were you not told that you are God and to always Give Yourself Divinity..as when you do this, then you are truly connecting in a big big way.

Me: How do I give myself Divinity?

I AM Presence: Love yourself. Practice simplicity, patience and compassion with yourself. Simple in actions and thots, you return to the source of being. Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are. Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world. These three ingredients is all anyone needs to know God within and a great practice of divinity 🙂 So celebrate daily of Giving Yourself Divinity !!!!!

Me: Great thanks to you God…Love you dearly…


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