I just came home from visiting my parents and my father is experiencing some times of physical pain. Now he is at a young age of 70 + and I thot that I would go within and talk to my God self and ask that I compose a note to my dad that could possibly help in his way of looking at his life and help him to walk an upgraded path of Love. This letter is meant for not only my father, More

Short Note from God :)

Good day to say “Hi” and “thank you” to our Source-God…Went for my daily walk and connection to my I AM presence and I was instructed to put out a little, but big message.

I AM Presence: First of all my special lady, “Thank You” for helping everyone to know and feel the truth of who they are. I want to say to all, More

G.iving O.urselves D.ivinity

Years ago I sat in wonder of who or what is God and just how do we get to know this force in our life. With my inner connection of the I AM , the question was asked..

I AM Presence: Silly girl…you and each soul has God within them…a particle of this force exist in all things !! Who do you think that you connect to when you connect to me? More