As you do unto others, you do to YOU

We are approaching a time in our lives that our lessons of living an aware life, quicken to an extreme speed.  An Aware Life is a life that comes with its ups/downs and YOU the creator are able to be an observer and either change it or keep it as is..  I recently went thru a birthday event of my own ..whereby family/friends called or texted me a happy birthday.  Now, I am one that has learned to go with the flow, but my flow on this day turned out to be hurtful to me another person.  Let me explain; usually I keep this day small and intimate with just my husband,daughter, mother/father and my younger sister all going out for a dinner and celebration…Well, somehow this day turned into invites being done without my awareness of it all..what started off with a small group ended up in a big group.  One thing is, one of my sisters was not made aware of it and was not invited out….I became the one to  blame as my sister did not want to acknowledge the hows and whys of the event coming together as it did.  Even tho I explained it to her, she somehow did not want to receive it the way I presented it, so I took the responsibility and offered her my sincere apologies of causing her to hurt in whatever way her hurt felt. 

I AM Presence:  You my dear one have many lessons that will unfold before you quickly.  You came here to learn about the ticking of your being, your Soul and are very much advanced to the higher ways of thinking and doing.  But, even you have touch-ups of old programs that linger in your genetic code that need to surface and acknowledge their place in your life.  You may choose to not practice such behavior in the future and you may also rewrite/reprogram so that you will not have to repeat it again.  The only way to feel your sisters hurt, is for you to feel it being done to you.  The only reason that this event popped up and you felt the effects of it in a negative way is because you too my dear one have operated in this manner along the chain of your existence.  Like attracts like…no matter what the circumstance!

Me:  I reviewed the incident and what I came up with is that I judged whether my sister could come or whether she could even afford buying her meal.   So, the invite to her was not extended.   Therefore, “judgement” was the cuprit of this turning out sour as it did !

I AM Presence:  Very good !!!!!!!!!!! yes, you judged her past practices and made them her NOW presence.  People do change daily even by the moment..YOu never know when one has had an “aha” moment in their lives and has corrected an old pattern or program.

Me:  You are so right my dear I AM!  I recently had the same episode play out whereby I was my sister and the same scenerio was put upon me.  I was hurt at first and then I went within to see the bigger picture and the lesson to be learned by it.  I truly appreciate all the characters in my play who helped me to see ME again !!!!


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  1. eli
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 17:53:38

    thank you for sharing dear one & happy birthday !!

    ~<3 🙂


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