You know they say that all thots are energy…so be careful what you think or you just may create it!  Well I had quite an experience with my survival of existing in what seems to be a world of unfairness at times and the confusion that is wrapped around the thots-energy statement.  I have always been a type of person that would stay ahead of the game of the financial bill paying life….but, today this seems to be quite a challenge to do.  When I would get a few extra $$, I would put it away for future unforseen bills that would occur.

It seems everytime I do this tactic, which by the way worked wonderfully back in the day, something comes up that you have to take this money to pay for this or that…It’s just not fair!  I get so stressed with the circle of up/downs with MONEY that I wonder …just what is this all about and why when I try to be a deligent person at controlling the outcome of my  money wows, this seems to happen to me??????

So, going within to hear my I AM Presence, this is what I am being told ….

I AM Presence:  Did you ever wonder my dearness of heart that what you are describing is a mass thot process and that it does not belong as your own thot?  We see countless of beings putting or planning for this or that future experience, when they miss the trust of “knowing” that they will always be provided for!  If you would not put so much energy to the “survival” mode and put your energy to the joy of creating something new each and every day upon awakening.  When I say creating something new, I MEAN creating a new thot of abundance.  Let me give you an example of how you can create a new financial flow of “always” having.  Instead of planting the seed of thot of “saving/survival” for this or that, why not plant the seed of thot of seeding the money aside to grow into something joyful for YOU!!!   How can I say this;:”YOU reep what you sow.”  So would you like to sow maybe an outing into a nature experience for yourself, buying a child a toy or book, or helping someone else to learn how to play ????

By you “thinking” that you will need money for future unforseen bills, you have just put the energy in motion to create these unforseen bills or obligations to come your way!!!  As we see it, you are not alone with how you think…so many of you are thinking like this, that it is a no wonder that this energy you put out there comes back to you…you see dear one the world is not unfair…it is un-fair that you continue to use your thots in an old manner of programming.

Surrender the outcome of trying to figure out the future and you will lose the feeling of “confusion” and “survival”.  Practice living in the knowing of bringing Joy to yourself and those that surround you and watch the miracles of unfairness turn into fairness!!Image


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  1. Elasa Tiernan
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 20:40:15

    love it exactly what we were just talking about, and the joy of buying the things we love to have with abunadance of money that will always be coming in becuase we are always having new amaing desires:)

    Many Blessings,

    Elasa Tiernan, Rev, OT/L, CYT

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  2. eli
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 23:43:25

    thank you 🙂


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