December 21, 2012 ;So What ?

I go about these days whereby I here there is a count down to the magic date 12/21/12.  I can’t help but wonder what all the hype is about with this date.  Some say that the world is coming to an end and others say that our consciousness will be entering a 5th dimentional state.  So what ?  What does this mean for me?

I AM Presence:  What do you want it to mean for  you dear one ?  You see all dates are man-made..we do not go by dates for this or that…we go by what the heart is telling us.  If in your heart More


You know they say that all thots are energy…so be careful what you think or you just may create it!  Well I had quite an experience with my survival of existing in what seems to be a world of unfairness at times and the confusion that is wrapped around the thots-energy statement.  I have always been a type of person that would stay ahead of the game of the financial bill paying life….but, today this seems to be quite a challenge to do.  When I would get a few extra $$, I would put it away for future unforseen bills that would occur.

It seems everytime I do this tactic, More