The White Pigeon

It has been 4 days now that a White Pigeon has shown up on my front porch and has been here since.  To some they would say that this is just a bird that showed up, but to me it means much more!  As I go within and consult with the I AM Presence as to what our beautiful feathered friends significance is, this is what I heard.

I AM Presence:  You have been blessed with and the honor to tell all that our blessed Mother Mary is with all of humanity!  She brings a message of the regeneration of the Earth and all of Humanity.  She tells you to have faith that through any unforeseen mis-fortunes will come the New Beginnings that ALL have been here to experience.

Me:  This is a white pigeon and not a dove, does this matter as to the meaning that I am hearing?

I AM Presence:  No, my dear one as the Pigeon and the Dove are one in the same.  The only difference is that the dove is smaller in size.  The Pigeon has not only the message it carries from the Mother Mary, but it’s size let’s all know that to not take this message light-ly.  Her blessings shall be bestowed upon all who carry in their hearts Courage, Faith, Hope and Love!  Above all, do not forget to call upon her energy in times of happiness and in times of need .


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