Part Two of Love Awareness

In the typing of these words, maybe anyone reading this will begin the attempt to understand what I am told to convey here.  I feel some confusion among some of the readers as to what was written yesterday about Love.  So I asked the I AM Presence to give more clarification.

I AM Presence:

Love is the response of the Soul to the Light of Spirit. It does not matter if the soul is housed in a female or male body, for ultimately the soul is androgynous. With the reunion of twin flames, the soul is reunited and can take on the characteristics of either sex as needed. Through the Fall of Man, there grew up a wall of thorns surrounding the garden in which the sacred seed was planted. Now that the vibratory levels of the planet are increasing and certain pioneer souls are responding to the cosmic Light, the seed of Love is growing in each of their hearts, seeking out for reunion, first to their twin flame, separated at the moment of creation, and then to the Source from which they came, the Realms of Light.

Now as the cycle has returned to allow for the advent of the Light upon this world, the Law of Grace is allowing entrance to the secret garden to those who seek. In metaphysical circles, this place within has been known by many names, including the Garden of Eden and the Secret Chamber of the Heart; in truth, it is the place of alchemy, for the personality to be reunited with its Higher Self, the lead to be transmuted into the gold of Spirit.

It is here that YOU will be reunited with your guides, your twin flame and your Higher Self. It is here that you will begin to create your New World, to reconnect with your galactic families and to find your feet firmly on the Path of the Return. It is to this place you must go as the illusion of the third dimensional world is dismantled around you. This is the place of communion (coming into union) from which you can begin to touch the stars, reaching out to other lightworkers, to your galactic family, to the angels, your guides and to the Realms of Light. It is here that you will discover you are more than you could ever imagine, that you are, in truth gods and goddesses of the divine, creators in training, relearning all that has been hidden from you during your sojourn upon this darkened world.

By going within, which i do daily, during your meditations or even during the day for mere moments, you will find all that you seek. The secrets of the Universe will be revealed to you, at first not in a fashion that your waking mind can comprehend, but as the ties to the illusionary 3D world are loosened, the understanding will take the form of bursts of en-light-en-ment as your mind begins to comprehend beyond what words can convey. At first, this process will feel more like osmosis. Like a thirsty cell, you will suck up knowledge without having the requisite understanding. However, when the moment is right, the knowing will be there, as if a packet of light or information has been unzipped and the contents revealed. Comprehension and delight will be yours when you begin to understand and comprehend who and what you are, as well as the many possibilities of the new life unfolding before you.

As the outer events occurring worldwide are designed to distract you, to keep you separated and in fear, you will find an inward focus will bring quite the opposite effect. There you will discover a new world of peace, joy and a feeling of being welcomed Home. This feeling of Home is the closest understanding of what Love really is as the highest vibration of Light within this Universe. It is experienced as a feeling of complete unconditional acceptance of all that you are, have been and will be.

Love is the key to reconnection to the Realms of Light which will continue to beckon each one of you forward on your journey back to Source. In your moments of solitude and meditation, you are able to re-establish this feeling of unity, of bliss. Yet the feeling of this unity on the third-dimensional plane of existence will continue to be an ephemeral sensation until your vibratory level has increased to the extent that you are able to reunite with your Higher Self. In order to preserve the integrity of your physical vessel, it is necessary for this process to be undergone over a period of time, so exhibit patience, towards self and others, during this period of transformation.

The Shift is happening. It is happening right now !!!!


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