Part Two of Love Awareness

In the typing of these words, maybe anyone reading this will begin the attempt to understand what I am told to convey here.  I feel some confusion among some of the readers as to what was written yesterday about Love.  So I asked the I AM Presence to give more clarification.

I AM Presence:

Love is the response of the Soul to the Light of Spirit. It does not matter if the soul is housed in a female or male body, for ultimately the soul is androgynous. With the reunion of twin flames, More

My Awareness of True Love

I was out on a morning walk with my sister feeling kinda of distraught about what I felt love was all about.   Her words and feelings that I received later that day came to answer my questioning to this topic.   I know that I have touched this topic before in past writings, but I was guided again from my I AM presence to write the answer that I heard.

I AM presence:  

The term “love” has been much misused and maligned in current Western society. Love has come to mean the sexual attraction between two individuals whether they are of opposite sexes or the same. We are More

Blessed Are We?


Me:  Do you ever wonder what it means to be blessed to or to give someone a blessing.  Well, I do.  I am always blessing or wishing blessing upon another, but just what is a blessing or being blessed mean?


I AM Voice:  For you to come to me for your answer is a blessing !!!!! Why, you ask; well anyone that turns within to hear the higher truth of anything is a gift they give to themselves, a blessing.  We say that a blessing is the wonderful Love energy that each of you hold within and you can pull from your hearts and place it upon yourselves or another.  Jesus walked the planet with exuding his energy of Love to others and they would take it and plant it within them.  His blessings uplifted and healed those who would come to him. 


Me:  Do we have the gift or the right to bless another?  Does our blessing upon another help them in any way?


I AM Voice:  Absolutely it does!  You were made in the image and you have the same blood that ran thru his veins…You too possess the gift and the right to pass BLESSINGS onto others and to yourself as well.  When you place or wish a Blessing of Love upon another, you are not only healing their soul, but you are healing yourself as well!  Bless your hearts at all times, as THE HEART is a living vital force that thinks and feels on its own.  We remind you that not only the outer self of your beings soak up the energy of blessings, but all your vital organs and cells within wait for their blessings from YOU too!!

With this being said, we wish you a blessed day !

Me:  I too send you great blessings of Love and thank you for your words!