DNA and your Beliefs


As I ponder a story I read about how our DNA is as healthy or unhealthy as our belief system, I went within to hear  the truth about this.  Can we overcome dis-harmonious situations pertaining to our health or even how we direct our daily living?


I AM Presence:    It is true that your belief systems or even systems that have been planted in your DNA from your ancestors do affect you today!  This can range from health issues of all sorts to the labor put forth in your daily ventures.  Do you ever wonder why something can be difficult for you that you never even took on the task until NOW and then when you go to tackle it, you can’t.  Reason being is that somewhere someone said that this or that is hard.  What they actually did was plant a seed into your cellular structure and it buried itself and then came forth when it was time for you to take on the task.  Now if you were told that this was not going to be hard and it was relatively easy to perform, then this is the seed or shall I say the “belief” you planted into your DNA.  This blind deed has been done to all of you throughout your history.  It is stored in your parents DNA brought in from their parents DNA and up/down the chain of life, to YOU!


Me:  Can one change the course of action that the DNA is carrying that is not of a positive note?

I AM Presence:  Yes!    We request that when any situation that is not of a good nature be in your field, to ponder where it came from.  There is no blame as to where it came from (Mother or Father, etc) as it does not matter.  What matters is that you recall the memory of when it was implanted in you and we then ask you to “rewrite” a new “belief” by visualizing the person telling you something positive.

Let me give you an example:  There was a little girl who burnt herself with bacon grease while helping her mother cook.  The oil from the bacon spilled all over her body to the point where she had to be rushed to the hospital to be tended to.  With 3rd degree burns, they lubricated and bandaged her all up and sent her home to heal.  After several days of lying around, she was finally ready to go back to school.  Upon sitting in her class room one of her peers asked her what happen.  The little girl responded with what happened, and the peer loudly said, “Oh God you are going to be ugly and all scared up!”  The little girl was confused as to what the word scarring meant and upon going home after school and telling her mother what was said to her, her mothers’ response was, “no you won’t scar because you do not believe in this.”  As an adult that she is now, she shows no signs of any type of burning to her body.  Why?  It was not in her belief systems, hense in her DNA .  You can re-program ALL beliefs that do not serve you, but you must strongly BELIEVE this to be possible!  This is not some sort of magical notion, it is one of TRUTH that has not been explained to you until NOW.

Me:  Thank you so much my wonderful   I AM Presence and as always I love you and also walking away with your wisdom in me!

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