Changing Our Matrix To-Gether

Today my day began with personal training a young soul.  While putting her thru her workout we touched on several subjects of the heart.  One of the heart buttons was pushed when I asked her to ponder the ANGER she has with her husband.  This dialogue that we were having was helping her to push those weights around like a determined soul to show her STRENGTH !  As I know that we all come to-gether to help one another grow in our spiritual selves, I knew there was a bigger picture as to why my I AM presence was presenting these dynamic guestions and statements to be before her in her field and MINE !  The Voice approached and said:

Voice:  You my dear are not only there to help people to train their bodily muscles, but you are also there to help them to train their mind muscle!  We thank you sincerely for taking on the mission to help the light souls to lift in their thot process and to expand their consciousness of  the bigger picture of it all !    By working to help them to change their inner matrix from the old way of looking and feeling about people, places and things, this too helps to clean up your matrix.  These beings of light are all a part of your Universal Cellular Matrix and they carry within their DNA the same dynamics as YOU.  Learning their stories of life, you come to find out that the stories may be different, but you share the same energies ANGER, FEAR, WORTHINESS, TRUST, FOREGIVENESS.  You all are God Particles and you each travel with groups and you came here to help each other Change your Matrix…what you would say, update it !!  Old versions of blaming others for your feelings of Dis-Contentment is no longer a part of this new world of LOVE and PEACE.  When you look at each of them as your brothers and sisters here to accomplish the same task and to reach for the stars of higher-ness, then it makes for fun conversations of learning the TRUTH about Yourselves..  Blaming Others all boils down to only ONE person to take responsibility for the act, its called YOU.  When you come to realize that you are the creator of your own energy matrix, then guess what ?  ” CHANGE IT”  Change blame to forgiveness of Yourself first and forgiving others comes easy..this too can change the matrix soup of anger, fear, worthiness and trust. Learn to practice forgiveness so that the other emotions can melt away 🙂


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