The Thot Process Diet for Losing Weight

One of my passions is providing personal weight training sessions to people who want to get in shape.  I often have clients that come to me with a goal to lose x-amount of weight by a certain time frame.  The question that lingers in my thot process is why do people allow themselves to get out of shape?


Voice:  Hmmm…weight issues seem to be prevalent in your world !  You people have these issues because you put “guilt” behind what you put into your bodily systems..  If it’s not guilt of what you are eating, it’s guilt about something you have done in your life.  This very negative emotion causes your bodies great dis-harmony!  You should teach your clients the importance of the “thot diet”..

The what ?  what is a the thot diet ?

Voice:  We laugh as I am sure you laugh when you hear this phrase, but none the less it is the secret to anyones success in anything they set out to accomplish.  The thot diet consist purely of LOVE.  Everyone who allows any thots that make them say or think negative sayings, MUST delete them or reword them as to give the cells of your bodies a happy feeling.  We also strongly suggest that when you operate your daily lives that one does not allow negative thot patterns to consume them, such as anger, jealousy, control, etc.

Well there are those that find their negative thots or words of ill manner do make their cells feel happy.  What is  your retort to this.

Voice:  You can fool the mind, but you cannot fool the inner mechanism!!!  People may lose the weight and gain it back later on because they have lost the connection to their true inner know the one that shouts, hey are you going to give me Divinity or are you going to put me on the back burner again ?  Love your bodies as they are and start to change your thots and really go to your root of your weight issues…it’s not how your mama or your daddy fed you when you were little…it’s what you “think” and how you operate your thots that have created overweight people!!  Teach yourselves and/or your children to acknowledge their inner being (soul) and talk to it and let this I AM of yourself lead you in the right direction…It will never steer anyone wrong..




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