DNA and your Beliefs


As I ponder a story I read about how our DNA is as healthy or unhealthy as our belief system, I went within to hear  the truth about this.  Can we overcome dis-harmonious situations pertaining to our health or even how we direct our daily living?


I AM Presence:    It is true that your belief systems or even systems that have been planted in your DNA from your ancestors do affect you today!  This can range from health issues of all sorts to the labor put forth in your daily ventures.  Do you ever wonder why something can be difficult for you that you never even took on the task until NOW and then when you go to tackle it, you can’t.  Reason being is that somewhere someone said that this or that is hard.  What they actually did was plant a seed into your cellular structure and it buried itself and then came forth when it was time for you to take on the task.  Now if you were told that this was not going to be hard and it was relatively easy to perform, then this is the seed or shall I say the “belief” you planted into your DNA.  This blind deed has been done to all of you throughout your history.  It is stored in your parents DNA brought in from their parents DNA and up/down the chain of life, to YOU!


Me:  Can one change the course of action that the DNA is carrying that is not of a positive note?

I AM Presence:  Yes!    We request that when any situation that is not of a good nature be in your field, to ponder where it came from.  There is no blame as to where it came from (Mother or Father, etc) as it does not matter.  What matters is that you recall the memory of when it was implanted in you and we then ask you to “rewrite” a new “belief” by visualizing the person telling you something positive.

Let me give you an example:  There was a little girl who burnt herself with bacon grease while helping her mother cook.  The oil from the bacon spilled all over her body to the point where she had to be rushed to the hospital to be tended to.  With 3rd degree burns, they lubricated and bandaged her all up and sent her home to heal.  After several days of lying around, she was finally ready to go back to school.  Upon sitting in her class room one of her peers asked her what happen.  The little girl responded with what happened, and the peer loudly said, “Oh God you are going to be ugly and all scared up!”  The little girl was confused as to what the word scarring meant and upon going home after school and telling her mother what was said to her, her mothers’ response was, “no you won’t scar because you do not believe in this.”  As an adult that she is now, she shows no signs of any type of burning to her body.  Why?  It was not in her belief systems, hense in her DNA .  You can re-program ALL beliefs that do not serve you, but you must strongly BELIEVE this to be possible!  This is not some sort of magical notion, it is one of TRUTH that has not been explained to you until NOW.

Me:  Thank you so much my wonderful   I AM Presence and as always I love you and also walking away with your wisdom in me!

Changing Our Matrix To-Gether

Today my day began with personal training a young soul.  While putting her thru her workout we touched on several subjects of the heart.  One of the heart buttons was pushed when I asked her to ponder the ANGER she has with her husband.  This dialogue that we were having was helping her to push those weights around like a determined soul to show her STRENGTH !  As I know that we all come to-gether to help one another grow in our spiritual selves, I knew there was a bigger picture as to why my I AM presence was presenting these dynamic guestions and statements to be before her in her field and MINE !  The Voice approached and said:

Voice:  You my dear are not only there to help people to train their bodily muscles, but you are also there to help them to train their mind muscle!  We thank you sincerely for taking on the mission to help the light souls to lift in their thot process and to expand their consciousness of  the bigger picture of it all !    By working to help them to change their inner matrix from the old way of looking and feeling about people, places and things, this too helps to clean up your matrix.  These beings of light are all a part of your Universal Cellular Matrix and they carry within their DNA the same dynamics as YOU.  Learning their stories of life, you come to find out that the stories may be different, but you share the same energies ANGER, FEAR, WORTHINESS, TRUST, FOREGIVENESS.  You all are God Particles and you each travel with groups and you came here to help each other Change your Matrix…what you would say, update it !!  Old versions of blaming others for your feelings of Dis-Contentment is no longer a part of this new world of LOVE and PEACE.  When you look at each of them as your brothers and sisters here to accomplish the same task and to reach for the stars of higher-ness, then it makes for fun conversations of learning the TRUTH about Yourselves..  Blaming Others all boils down to only ONE person to take responsibility for the act, its called YOU.  When you come to realize that you are the creator of your own energy matrix, then guess what ?  ” CHANGE IT”  Change blame to forgiveness of Yourself first and forgiving others comes easy..this too can change the matrix soup of anger, fear, worthiness and trust. Learn to practice forgiveness so that the other emotions can melt away 🙂

Be Still and Know you are…

Be Still and Know you are MORE than your outer self ! 🙂




What makes for a good relationship?  Is there a perfect one?

Is there a model to go by?

Voice:  Relay-tion-ships…The answer to this is really a deep rooted ancestral one.  You noticed that I broke down the word for you because first of all; all relationships are a matter of relaying what’s in your hearts to one another.  If one cannot disclose honesty amongst their relationship, then “tion” (shun) yourselves and get on the ship and move on out (smile).  For eons man/woman roles were based off of men doing what they wanted and woman sitting on the sidelines waiting for their man to ask them “how are you doing dear one?”  “How was your flow with the child or children today?”  Woman would do their best to be the nurturer and make sure food was on the table for the man when he got home, etc.  You each became robots!!

The true blueprint for having a good relationship is giving each other love from the hearts. NOT just one of you doing this, but the both of you.  When one allows this flow of LOVE from the hearts all other activities come smoothly and without effort!  Too many times we see you humans put all other worldly matters before your mates, how to make money, how to do this and that.

HAVE you forgotten why you came here?  LOVE is all that matters on Earth and ALL you need to KNOW…  Your family ,friends or loved ones are there for you to practice this.  Once you truly have love flowing thru your hearts, the rest is easy!!  So if you notice that there is friction amongst your relationship, then one of you or the both of you need to re-evaluate your love for one another. Is it coming from the head or the heart?  No physical attraction can last if there is no true love from the hearts.  We often see that the human race chooses looks first and heart connections second…This is a no wonder why it takes work on your parts to keep relationships working wonder-fully!  

So, my dear one the model that one should go by, is:

Connect to ones’ heart first and the physical attraction will take place naturally.

How do you connect to ones’ heart?  What is meant by this?

Voice:   Study your mate, just like you would study a class assignment. See what they like to read, what they like to talk about, see where there heart was when they were a child. Ask each other what brought you joy as a young soul? Allow each other to be themselves!  There are no flaws in any of you.  To find a flaw in another, is to find a flaw in yourself.  All of these questions and more heartfelt ones are what will determine your flow of your relationship. It’s up to each individual to really want to know themselves deeply, to want to take on a relationship.  So ,you can take on a relationship or not.  Sooner or later a relationship or relationships will expose themselves to you and you will learn about yourself…It’s the reason you came here. (smile)  No book can tell you who you are, you have to experience it through relationships..:)

The Thot Process Diet for Losing Weight

One of my passions is providing personal weight training sessions to people who want to get in shape.  I often have clients that come to me with a goal to lose x-amount of weight by a certain time frame.  The question that lingers in my thot process is why do people allow themselves to get out of shape?


Voice:  Hmmm…weight issues seem to be prevalent in your world !  You people have these issues because you put “guilt” behind what you put into your bodily systems..  If it’s not guilt of what you are eating, it’s guilt about something you have done in your life.  This very negative emotion causes your bodies great dis-harmony!  You should teach your clients the importance of the “thot diet”..

The what ?  what is a the thot diet ?

Voice:  We laugh as I am sure you laugh when you hear this phrase, but none the less it is the secret to anyones success in anything they set out to accomplish.  The thot diet consist purely of LOVE.  Everyone who allows any thots that make them say or think negative sayings, MUST delete them or reword them as to give the cells of your bodies a happy feeling.  We also strongly suggest that when you operate your daily lives that one does not allow negative thot patterns to consume them, such as anger, jealousy, control, etc.

Well there are those that find their negative thots or words of ill manner do make their cells feel happy.  What is  your retort to this.

Voice:  You can fool the mind, but you cannot fool the inner mechanism!!!  People may lose the weight and gain it back later on because they have lost the connection to their true inner SELF..you know the one that shouts, hey are you going to give me Divinity or are you going to put me on the back burner again ?  Love your bodies as they are and start to change your thots and really go to your root of your weight issues…it’s not how your mama or your daddy fed you when you were little…it’s what you “think” and how you operate your thots that have created overweight people!!  Teach yourselves and/or your children to acknowledge their inner being (soul) and talk to it and let this I AM of yourself lead you in the right direction…It will never steer anyone wrong..